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What cute things do your dogs do?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6778points) February 3rd, 2009


My dog sneezes uncontrollably when she’s happy. Like whenever my mom enters the house, she’ll start a sneezing fit.

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(yeah- I know I need to train her)

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My golden retriever Ember is just like a little kid. I take her to the playground and she climbs up a ladder and slides down the twisty slide repeatedly.

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My dogs don’t know any special tricks, but like to lay near each other and sleep curled up together. It’s soooo adorable. Here’s a picture of them laying side by side:

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@KrystaElyse Those guys are cute.

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@buster – Hehe, they are a handfull sometimes! But they’re really great dogs.

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When she shakes herself, the shivers travel perfectly along her body, right up to the very tip of her tail.

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my old dog Elsie loved to chase squirrels and everytime I would say “squirrel” and point she would run where I pointed (even if there wasn’t one there), but she was afraid of balls and everytime I would throw one near her she would get frightened and run away.

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I also love dog eyebrows in general. Even though they are barely distinguishable from the rest of the face, dogs still manage to waggle them very expressively.

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I have a french mastiff, and a Neapolitan mastiff/sharpei mix. The frenchie is the big guy, the new puppy is the shapei mix. She drives him crazy but the cutest thing is when they play around outside. He ignores her completely and runs around. They sleep one on top of the other and that is uber sweet.

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My dog, Tilly, also has sneezing fits, but she gets them when she gets caught up growling at my other dog. It goes:

GROWL sneeze, sneeze, sneeze GRO sneeze, sneeze GROWL sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze

you get the picture… it’s very funny to watch

My other dog, Gertie, has reverse sneezes, usually in the middle of the night, which can be an abrupt
way to wake up! It sounds pretty scary, and the first few times it happened I thought there was something very wrong with her.

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I have a bichon that is in love with my mom. she’ll follow her all around the house if no one calls her. but she wont just go in the same room as my mom, she’ll sit and look at her do anything.cook, clean, sleep, and go to the bathroom. Also whenever my moms not home, if you say “mommys here!” she’ll punce at the window and if no one is there….she will cry for a good 2 minutes

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Winston is a superdog who does circus tricks. He will do anything for his treats. He jumps (leaps) from chair to chair. He dances on his hind feet in circles. He can freakishly stand on two feet and walk around following me.

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@Mtl_zack My fiancee’s mom’s dog does the happy sneezing fit too! She’s a tiny pom and it is sooo cute.

Our dogs have a really cute begging routine. Whenever I eat, the Jack and the Papillon will jump up on the ottoman and sit patiently, then my Wheaten will slowly wander over next to the ottoman and sit down. They will stare and make little whining noises until the last bite is gone. (The papillon will actually climb up next to my shoulder and nudge me if she really wants a bite).

It is also really cute when my Wheaten (40lbs) tries to get the Papillon (7lbs) to play… she’ll put up with him for about 5 seconds, at which point she yips at him and then bites his beard hairs and hangs on for dear life while he runs away.

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I have had my dog Molly for a week and a half now. For some unknown reason, she gets up about once an hour and goes to my basement, looks around for a couple minutes and comes back up stairs. I think she is on patrol.

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my dog chachis would bite and hold on the the leash while we were out for a walk, and not let go and she would walk ahead of me almost as if she was walking me. so cute

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