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How would you/the world act if there was no more coffee?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) February 5th, 2009

I would demand that work days start at 10 AM.

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I’d prolly go bonkers for a few weeks.

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That would be pretty ugly.
I am fairly certain that withdrawl would make me look like Scrat from “ice Age”

As for the rest of the world deadlines would be pushed back and the brave minority who never got addicted in the first place would all be promoted for great work.

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Lol Dog

Scrat hunting for the last coffee bean in the world haha

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I’d replace it with a brisk outdoor walk and a fast shower. It would get me up just as easily. In fact, it’d probably be a bit more healthy too, and less expensive.

I drink coffee, but I am not addicted to it. It doesn’t really affect me much – I can drink a cup right before going to bed with no issues. I am equally alert whether I’ve had coffee or not. But I do love the taste of it. So I’d be sad if it went. Could I move to tea? Cause that’s a great option and substitute for coffee.

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Can you spell m-i-g-r-a-i-n-e?

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i’d go muthaf———crazy all over everyone!

then i’d probably sleep for two days

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I’d be okay. We still have tea :)

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Mmmm… tea.

Conversion chart:
3 cups of PG Tips = 1 Cup of Peets.

It’s a lot of tea, but I find tea to be less twitchy-making. But then again, I have to make it through three cups to equal a cup of coffee…

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@bpeoples my large teapot contains enough for around 6 cups of tea :D it’s fudging fantastic.

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Tea. I love tea. I really love tea. Tea is how we would get around. And the new found popularity of tea would mean it would be that much easier to get a good cuppa.

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Agreed, I’m a tea guy. Bring on your coffee famine, I laugh in it’s face!

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I did not know we could switch to tea- Strike my first reaction. All is good!

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I’d watch the news for increased traffic accident rate.

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more road rage maybe. a whole lot (more) people out of jobs either because they worked in the coffee business or because they are a lot more cranky regardless of job

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It wouldn’t bother me. I drink it sometimes. It’s not like all caffeine is being wiped off the map. Coca-Cola and Red-Bull would make more money than they have ever made.

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Look for the headline in major newspapers everywhere- “Derranged 20 something male is armed and dangerous, has killed and will kill again if Java is not returned to the earth”....

Nuff said :)

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