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Does anyone use Safari?

Asked by steve6 (2559points) February 5th, 2009

What are the pros and cons? I also use IE but it seems to take forever to load. Is it bloated like Vista?

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I use a mac now so yes.

I did however use safari on my PC.

I found it a more user-friendly UI and and surprisingly faster than firefox.

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I use it on Vista and it is 200 times faster than IE and it has a spellcheck and you can just hit one button and ‘boom’ you’re on the site! And you can set up lots of one-touch buttons.

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raises his hand

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I agree with Steve. I use it on Vista and it is waaaay faster than IE or Opera.

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I use Firefox on my desktop with XP. It’s not cool enough for me but I like all the add-ons and it’s trendy open source. It’s not near as fast as safari and I have 2gb RAM on XP SP3. Safari works great with Vista and 3gb RAM on my laptop.

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I feel like we just had this conversation

Anyway, I prefer Firefox, because the open source availability gives me more freedom.

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Try Google Chrome as well, super speedy and lightweight. Based on the same stuff as Safari but with different features.

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Just fyi… Both Safari and Chrome browsers are based on the WebKit open-source application framework.

Other apps employing WebKit include:
– 13 other web browsers
– 3 email clients
– 8 instant message clients
– 7 RSS feed readers
– 6 text editors
– plus several other kinds of apps.

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Well, basicly all of the Mac OS X applications uses webkit for some of the parts of the applications. For example much of the iPhone interface is rendered with Webkit, the iWork suite uses webkit to render documents, the help inteface in OS X uses webkit and this is just a few examples.

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I have a Macbook, have had Macs exclusively for the last 10 years and all I ever use is Safari. My partner uses Camino but Safari works great for me.

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The webkit nightly builds are what i use. If you think the normal Safari is fast, give the nightly builds a try, they are absolutely blazingly fast and pretty stable too. All thanks to SquirrelFish extreme

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