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Is there anyway to use my Mac single click mouse with Vista?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) November 9th, 2008

I just finally finished partitioning my Mac to use Windows on part of it. Is there any way to right-click with Vista using my single click Mac mouse? The usual ctrl+click doesn’t work….

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I’m told by my fiends that there sadly is no way. It only has one click…

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Does your mac support multi-touch? (Mac G4+) If it does, then you should be able to turn on “two-finger” click, like for the mac and that should do it. (It works for XP, at least, on my MacBook Black Edition One)

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Are you on a laptop? Boot Camp has some feature to enable right click with laptop trackpads. Check in the Boot Camp preferences (on your windows partition.)

If you’re not on a laptop, then you might need to buy another mouse.

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oh good point, I didn’t even think to ask if it were a laptop… oops.

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my mac mouse has two clicks in it…how old is your mouse?

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can’t you ctrl+click?

Or Program one of your function keys to be that key?

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Is this the mighty mouse, or the one before it? as the mighty mouse on Windows defaults to having both mouse buttons available.

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Get a real mouse :)
Or see if your keyboard has the right-click button which is usually to the right of the spacebar in between CTRL/Command and ALT/Opt. On a PC keyboard it will look like this:

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