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Is Dollhouse going to be Jossalicious?

Asked by tinyfaery (44118points) February 5th, 2009

Is it? Or will it go the way of Firefly? Don’t get me wrong, I love Mal and the gang, but it didn’t last.

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It would be awesome. If I ever get to see it.

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Wait, wait, wait. There was nothing wrong with Firefly. The dichotomy that you’re setting up here… it’s doesn’t seem right at all. Joss Whedon’s two best shows were canceled—that doesn’t mean that they were less than “Jossalicious.”

Anyway; to answer your question: I have very high hopes for Dollhouse. I think it looks like it’s going to be great, and I trust Joss Whedon. As far as it being in danger—those rumors are said to be unfounded. So I have hope in that area, but I’m still a little nervous. Hard not to be.

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I have high hopes for Dollhouse. I’ve been excited about it forever. Also Firefly was great, major network television just has their heads up their asses. Someone should just give him his own network it can just be a constant loop of all his brilliance including Dr. Horrible!

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Dollhouse looks great…haven’t watched it at all, but I definitely plan to.

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