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How do you feel about the big spoiler Fox showed regarding upcoming episodes of Dollhouse?

Asked by MrItty (17406points) April 1st, 2009

During their “behind the scenes” snippets of on-set goings-on at the sets of Fox shows for April Fool’s Day last night, Fox – perhaps inadvertently – showed what I consider a fairly large spoiler of Dollhouse. This rather pisses me off, as what I assume will be a major plot point has been ruined for me.

Did you see it? If so, are you as annoyed as I am?

If you didn’t see it, allow me to suggest you not follow this thread, as it’s rather likely that someone will at some point allude to it more specifically. Consider yourself spoiler-warned.

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Didn’t see it, I’m not yet sold enough on the show to mind even if I had I don’t think.

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I didn’t see it, will you PM me this spoiler?

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I’m glad that I wasn’t watching. Dollhouse isn’t the kind of show where I want to see spoilers.

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could be a distraction or manipulation of what is really happening..i didn’t see the commercial, but I have found that a lot of shows will make it look like one thing is going to happen when it’s actually something else. and if it indeed happened during April 1, then maybe it was an April Fool’s day joke.

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@ccatron , it wasn’t a promo for an upcoming show. I completely agree that episode teasers are inherently misleading. This was a “behind the scenes” clip of some of the producers/cast playing an April Fool’s joke on some other producers/cast. Within the clip, we see the cast acting out a scene from an upcoming episode. The scene we see them acting out contains the spoiler.

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maybe the scene was made up and the people knew they were being pranked.

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Soo who do we think the spy is?

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