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What would your ideal work situation be like?

Asked by AlfredaPrufrock (9374points) February 5th, 2009

This question is asked as an adjunct to LostInParadise’s question about personal style in the workplace. -and because I just saw Revolutionary Road, and when I came home, I put my head in the oven. Thankfully, it’s electric.—
What type of work would you do, what would your co-workers be like, what would it take to really be engaged in the work that you do? How close is your current work situation to the ideal?

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Ideally I’d like to be working for myself. Working to pad someone else’s wallet is less than ideal.

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I want to work some ridiculous dream job where I get to go on digs, and poke dead bodies and pottery shards in the back of a museum late into the night. I would be the head of the department with some lackey doing all my busywork and I would work only with intellectuals and silly people.

Oh, and being a girl with two PhD’s I would make everyone call me Dr. Doctor.
Ya dig? :)

I am currently an unemployed student.

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Its been a dream of mine for a long time to own and run a skateshop and skatepark. Pretty much you sell product like shoes, boards, clothes, wheels, sessions on the skatepark, concessions, etc . Also maybe have skate video release viewings, art shows such as board painting, griptape art, graff and other things. Once you get a lot of skaters involved in the shop, park, and happenings all sorts of things are possible. I would already be doing it if I had money to invest in the business. I would employ only close friends that shared a love of skating. Currently Im a carpenter. Some carpentry skills would help me maintain my business and skatepark.

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one that didn’t exist: as in me not doing anything i consider to be work. ahh, that would be so nice…

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OMG let me tell you I have put some thought into this haha. I would wake up have plenty of time to shower and get ready so I feel my best(wake up when I want) then walk over to work because it’s across the street and walk in and be like heeeeeeyyyy guys!!! I’d sit at my desk and everyone would come over and be like heeey John how’s it goin…lookin good today, how was your night. I’d reply AMAZING as always! Then I would do some graphic design work for and 4 hours later I’d go and cash my paycheck of $5000 for 1 week of work. I’d then go and spend my paycheck freely since my work pays all my bills so that they ensure I am close by because I am such a valuable asset to the company.

Now that would be my dream haha

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I would like to have my own company with my corporate offices being at the top of a huge skyscraper with a view of the entire city from a hundred floors up. I would like to have a throne made out of Corinthian Leather that I sit in all day and run the company. I would like to be attended by several ladies that fan me with huge palm leaves and feed me grapes and olives all through the day.

My employees would all be paid very well and they’d be more than satisfied with their work environment. My current work situation is so far removed from the fantasy that I have just described that there are no similarities whatsoever.

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I’m damn close to my ideal work environment. I work for The Nantucket Dreamland Foundation, doing promotional work and raising donations. I basically spent last summer sitting at a booth, handing out flyers and getting paid fifteen dollars an hour. Sweet gig.

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At the moment I am in my dream job right now as a working artist. But it took determination and a lot of working to get here and only in the last few years have I been able to sustain art as a full time career though I have been an artist since I was a teen.

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i want a job just like Rob Gordon (John Cusack) in the film High Fidelity and my coworkers helping me in my task of musical elitism would be Dick (Todd Louiso) and Barry (Jack Black), the “musical moron twins”

im getting closer to this dream job everyday!

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Too easy. My ideal work situation would be traveling the world and singing on stage with my guitar.. If I could support myself doing something I love that much it would certainly be ideal.

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I would love a couple of things. I would love to travel the world and study different cultures. I’d also like to study people with mental illness. Everybody tells me that sounds odd because I want to work with people in asylums, murders, crazy people pretty much. But, my dream isn’t anywhere near coming true yet. Soon enough though.

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I’d get up around 10 or 11 AM, spend the next hour or so actually waking up. Put on my Levis 501s, a t-shirt or polo and tennies and most days I’d walk out my back door to my fully loaded shop building. There I would work on my current project, whether that be making art, home decor items or furniture from found and repurposed objects. I’d have only the radio to keep me company.

Other days I’d visit junk shops and garage sales, do some dumpster diving or curbside cruising, and go to the hardware store gathering my ‘raw’ materials. In between, I’d be taking photos of the before and after stages of my work and writing articles about my projects to show you how ‘you, too, can do this!’ The articles and photos would be published monthly in a major magazine.

My income would be derived from the writing, as well as selling the finished products. I would not expect to get rich doing this, just make a little money doing something I love. I have a business name and logo already picked out.

Long-time Flutherites probably already know that I was planning on embarking on this journey in January 2009. They will also know that financial realities have intruded on my dream, and that I would now be happy to have any job at all :(

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