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Mac Users- What personal finance app do you use and why?

Asked by scottk (31points) February 5th, 2009

I’m looking around for a good personal finance app for the Mac. I’ve tried Quicken for Mac 2007, and it’s woefully under-featured compared to its Windows counterpart. The new Quicken Financial Life looks promising, but it won’t be here until summer at the earliest and the beta isn’t ready for prime time yet. I need an app that lets me add transactions on my own, then matches those up to the information I download from my bank. Budgeting would be a nice feature too. I don’t need to track investments though. So what do you recommend?

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Mint is pretty good, but it’s a web app.

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I would recommend quickbooks online, you can we it on any computer and soon your iPhone.

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I use Quicken.. I really like it.

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