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What degrees Celsius is freezing?

Asked by mpullara (17points) February 9th, 2009 from iPhone
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Google is your friend. (Pixie, you are too soft-hearted.)

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Freezing Point water-Zero
Freezing Point beer-Negative Four

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Celcius is metric. Metric is the easy one to understand:
freezing point of water: 0°.
boiling point of water: 100°.
centimeters in a meter: 100
meters in a kilometer: 1000
milligrams in a gram: 1000
grams in a kilogram: 1000
milliliters in a liter: 1000


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Metric system also represent the zero options everyone should have when choosing the most comprehensible method for measuring things.

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The number of degrees Celsius at the freezing point of water = the number of seconds you spent on Google before asking this question.

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It depends on on the substance you are trying to freeze.

fresh water 0°C
sea water -2°C
mercury -39°C
propyl alcohol -127°C

Do a Google search – there are a lot of different liquids on various websites.

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Same as your IQ?

Blech… don’t like slammin’ the newbies… sorry.

Celsius was intentionally gradated to have a nice round 100 degrees to describe the 3 phases of water:

<=0 freezing/solid
>0 – <100 liquid
>=100 boiling/gas

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