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Is working at a Casino bad?

Asked by johnny0313x (1840points) February 9th, 2009

I applied at a Casino for Graphic Design, are there are risks or things I should be concerned with? Since I won’t be on the floor doing games, I think I should be fine. I read online alot of Casino employees get pulled into drugs and drinking because of the enviroment or get something called Casino burn out. I guess they make so much money they don’t want to leave but that it’s like a dead end job. I was just wondering what everyones thoughts were on this type of work.

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Have you seen the movie Casino? Stay away from any vices shown to you.

Aside from that, double down on 11. always.

seriously, though, i think it would be a rather poor environment. I lived near Atlantic City for a while, and that’s no place you want to be for any period of time.

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I have no background experience here. However, I would imagine the references you are culling probably refer to those people working on the floor or in the restaurants. They would be keeping odd hours, confusing day & night sleep patterns; etc. Being pulled into drugs & alcohol can happen anywhere if you are open to the activities. You will probably be working in an office type environment and not subject to the issues you mention. There are people on Fluther from Vegas – maybe they can give you more first hand experience. Good luck!

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I should imagine any 9 to 5 office job that pays well should be no more risky than anything else, unless you are a broker on Wall Street.

Once you get to the point of raising children you will want to consider where you live in relation to the casinos, but otherwise it sounds like good experience to me. Just behave and avoid temptation.

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Well the hours say flexible, so i am not sure what means and I have an interview March 4th, so who knows what will happen. Personally I am rather excited about it. I am not open to drugs…drinking on the other hand well…on the occasional Friday and Saturday night I get thirsty lol but Overall I think I can manage my job and play time. I’d imagine I’d be working in an office environment so I would be fine. However I can’t lie working on the floor seems like it would be rather exciting. My friends and I went to the Tropicana in Atlantic City last summer and had SOOOO much fun!! It was like the best experience I’ve had in a long time. The hotel/Casino was fun and laid back, we saw some guy fight with his GF and get kicked out ha. There was this amazing lounge singer that sat at our table at the bar and played all our requests ha. It was so much fun!

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You’re talking about two totally different things here.

“Casino burn out” refers to true casino workers – dealers, drink servers, hosts, chip exchanges, etc, people on the floor of the casino. I’d certainly get burned out dealing with people who choose to combine the worst of activities – drinking and gambling. Such stresses of working on the floor in a casino are well known.

Being a graphic designer for a casino means you are likely going to work in an office-type area, not on the casino floor at all. While you are technically a casino worker, as you are being employed by a casino, you are not what most people would consider a casino worker. All these things about “casino burn out” don’t refer to you. That is, unless you choose to get swept up and pour your money back into the casino, or hang out there at nights, etc. Then, all bets are off.

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Hmm. I read this question quite differently—like, is it ethically bad to work in the gambling industry? Since the industry does contribute to gambling addiction, and it helps a lot of people ruin their lives, I, personally, would not work there.

On the other hand, there’s no doubting that gambling is popular, and that people will find a way to do it, no matter what. Also, casinos, it could be argued, are just as much about entertainment as they are about gambling. Anyway, someone’s got to do the work.

You can do it, if you like. I would prefer to put my talents to work in a more socially constructive organization.

Still, even if you do work in an office, it seems to me that you’ll have a lot of elbow rubbing with the bright lights, and the showgirls, and the sexy waitresses, and you could well be tempted, to play a little bit tonight, after work. Just a little bit.

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Well that is my concern, I realize I wouldn’t be on the floor, but I wasn’t sure how much of my environment would be mixed with the other environment. I was also wondering morally if it’s frowned upon by society. Do you think Casinos pay well? I know people on the floor work on a wage and tips and can make out very well but being just a office worker for a Casino, do you think it is profitable?

Like I said above, I wouldnt be opposed to working on the floor in one way or another. I love night life and I think it would be so much fun. I just wouldn’t want to get myself in trouble. I’m not worried about Gambling, last time I went I was more interested in the drinks and entertainment then the machines.

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I have a problem trying to understand why a Casino needs a full time graphic designer. Are you sure they don’t want you to do some, er, “programming”.

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The other thing is to take the job for a couple of years, long enough to build up a portfolio of good stuff and to get good references, and then move on to something else.

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@Mr_M – just like any large business, especially one in the business of attracting tourists and entertainment-seekers, casinos need signs, advertisements, displays, napkin designs, and so on. It might very well be much cheaper for them to have an in-house designer than to go to an outside company.

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Job Requirements only say Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop Quicktime, Flash, and a little bit of basic print knowledge. No programming is mentioned. If anything it sounds like they might use you on the floor for various tasks if you are low on work.
“SPECIFIC POSITION REQUIREMENTS: 2 years experience in graphic design is required. BA or AA degree in graphic design required. Must have excellent proficiency with Creative Suite (InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, and Photoshop), After Effects or other Interactive Design software, Flash, HTML, Fireworks and Quicktime. Must possess basic knowledge of pre-press and production. Must be able to work in a fast-paced, busy, and somewhat stressful environment and maintain physical stamina and proper mental attitude while dealing effectively with guests, management, team members, and outside contacts while working under pressure and meeting deadlines. Must be able to frequently move freely about the office, maintain manual dexterity to access computer via computer keyboard and operate office equipment, such as telephones, copiers, fax machine, etc., withstand various activities such as frequent walking, sitting for long periods and withstand prolonged standing, stretching, bending and kneeling without restriction. Be able to work indoors and be exposed to various environmental factors such as, but not limited to CRT fatigue, noise, dust, cigarette smoke, and be able to access all areas of the property. Must be able to qualify for a Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board license.”

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“Must be able to qualify for a Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board license.” Why???

I’d pass because of the cigarette smoke.

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@Mr_M – so you can work for a casino. It’s a circular sort of thing, like if you want to work in a restaurant you need a food handlers card, even if you don’t handle food (at least that’s how it is here).

I would also pass because of the smoking issue.

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Same is with modeling, if you keep a clean mind and stay away from all that stuff, you’ll be fine :)

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I don’t mind the smoke since I’m a smoker but I could see why someone would be concerned with such a thing.

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@johnny0313x: is this an existing casino, or one that is being built? Poconos? Chester? Erie, Grantville or Meadow Lands?

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Bethlehem, its being built

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It can be so exciteing.Meet some seriouse people…

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