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How can I find a really Good website developer who knows my industry?

Asked by Judi (39784points) February 2nd, 2010

I have been looking for someone to create a website for an apartment community and the only ones I seem to find have crappy websites themselves. If their website doesn’t draw me in, why should I give them tons of bucks to try and help me develop a site that will draw my customers in?
So far I have looked at some recommended industry specific companies.
One is going to cost me $111 per month and can’t even tell me how many hits comparable pages are getting per month. (Is that to much to ask?)
I am feeling at a loss right now. I feel like I have waited way to long to get this up and going but I really expected to find someone who would blow my socks off in the design department.
Any of you “more techno savvy than me” types have any ideas?

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Call me in about 2 years and I’ll be able to hook you up.

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I dont know too much about this but what I do know is issues like seeking traffic for you, making sure you are seen, making hits and getting members is more important than the actual graphics.I have answered your question as I know of such a person, so I will run it by him to see if he can handle your industry. As I am not sure of the traffic issues your industry faces and he is well versed in other industries. If you like send me a private message with your email and requirements and I can run it by him. The sites he is running currently are amongst the top ranking site. But again in his field.

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I think I may know someone. PM me.

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I am in this field and can probably help you out… what would $111 a month be buying you? A good design costs a varying amount, usually based on an hourly rate – ie, tons of revisions end up making it much more expensive.. so, try to have a good idea of what you are trying to represent before you go into it.. As for his site not pulling you in, everyone has their own tastes in design, I have done a decent number of sites and not many look alike, because it is geared toward what the client likes. Actually creating a design that is functional, attractive, and the client feels represents them well is often times timely process, but the end result can as you put it ‘knock your socks off’.. if the person knows what they are doing, they will charge you for design, and depending on the person, how to check statistics and maybe do basic maintance on your website, if there are databases, they will show you how they interact and how to retrieve information, if there are other custom scripts on the site, they will show you how to change information they reference, if need be. Revisions tend to be costly, and you can end up saving a lot of money by learning to do them yourself.. The primary design is what will end up costing the most money.. The client usually assumes the cost for the domain name and host (which, to be honest, is much safer if you own this information) The designer/developer will be able to set up DNS servers and hosting, so it is ready to go when you are ready to launch… in any event… i hope at least some of this helped, and if you want i would be willing to work with you if you are in the market for a web designer, if interested send me a private message, and we can discuss it in further detail.

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I know someone in the bay area who might be able to help you. If you’re interested, pm me.

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I have one experienced web developer friend who is newly unemployed, and can probably get you in touch with another guy who developed a relational marketing system for apt owners.

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