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Do you ever play online games as a different sex, and if so why?

Asked by kullervo (785points) February 10th, 2009

See a lot of guys roll female characters and vica versa. What are your reasons. If you don’t play MMORPGs this can apply to avatars in any other context.

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by my answer, you’ll see what a non-gamer I truly am! Does being Mario count, instead of the annoying Daisy (I think) on Wii Mario (racing??)? I can’t stand the voices for the girls.

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I sometimes play as a female on online games as it seems guys can’t wait to help out or invite you to groups. Also making a pretty avatar is nice to look at while playing. But mostly I play as male so there is no misunderstanding. Nothing worse than been hit on by other guys – I guess it’s a small taste of what women have to put up with.

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The 1st two years I played WoW I had a female toon. And yes, she was hot
I even went so far as dancing for money, and made quite a bit too.
I just figure if I’ve got to look at y character every time I play the game I at least want it to be something worth looking at. Which breaks down to being either a very bad-ass male or a hot female. (Had both)

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Hmm.. I play TF2 as the engineer more often than the pyro. Given that the pyro may possibly be female and the engineer is most definitely not, I’ll go with “yes”. But generally speaking, in a situation where I really get to make my character, I go with female more often than male. The few times I “go guy”, it is usually because I think the character I have in mind is somehow more believable as a guy. It just works better in my head.

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I have played WoW for a while now and have known many guys that rolled female toons. The advantages are that males will cater to you, give you gold (one guy I know made 15k gold in a week by playing the shy helpless female), invite you to groups over male toons, and give you more power in guilds. It is the easiest scam in the books. Make googly eyes at a dude who hasn’t seen female genetalia since he came out of it and he will fall over to do what you want.

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My current toon in Warhammer Online is a female, and not for any particular reason. That’s just what popped up first when I went to the character creation screen that time around. It can be annoying, especially since I play on a Role Play server, to have guys hit on me (or just down right sexual harass me) while playing, and I don’t seem to notice any of these major benefits that you guys have mentioned (even when I played WoW).

As a general rule, I always assume another player is a guy (despite the gender of the avatar) until it’s mentioned otherwise, especially if their character is skimpily dressed or running around in their underwear.

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@MrMeltedCrayon – I always assume the female characters are guys too and yet it still makes you treat them different. When playing Left4dead I seem more inclinded to rescue or give a health pack to whoever plays Zoe for some reason. And when I play WOW or WAR I am usually a healing class and tend to notice the frail girly character taking damage more than anyone else so they get more heals.

I had the free gold thing when I rolled a female but unlike some that roll opposite sex avatars I don’t pretend to be a girl – if they ask me a question out of character I will openly say I’m a dude.

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@Kullervo: OMG! I always play Zoey just because I was so freaking excited there was a lady present. Or at least, I try to always play Zoey. One of my friends likes to try and claim her first so that I have to choose a guy.

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I’ve always created a female for my avatar. I don’t really know why. Maybe I’m just trying to be a better, cooler version of myself.

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@jonsblond – aha so you are male :)

@EmpressPixie – PM me your steam id/name and we can have a game some time. I promise to let you play as Zoey :D

Ok there’s playing as a female avatar as apart from looks and the attentions of the male players it’s the same as playing a male but then this game is demanding way too much gender bending for my liking:

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When I was young, a few years ago, I played Club Penguin, and everyone did that, so gross!

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I play Counterstrike as a guy because I have no choice.

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