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What do you consider good etiquette for using caller ID with calls from people you know?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) February 10th, 2009

Do you say “Hey (person’s name),” or do you just say “hello?” What is your reasoning for what you choose?

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Hi say “Hi/hey/hello ______.” I know it’s them. They know I know it’s them. What’s the point in pretending I don’t?

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I’ve always just said “hello”. Even when I greet someone in person. Bad habit I guess, because when I do that, if it’s someone I hardly know, they think that I forgot their name.

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I say “Hello (name)”. It lets us start our conversation faster.

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I used to just say “hello missy” to my daughter until my grand son started calling me! Now it’s, “Is this the most wonderful boy in the world?”

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I say “hi (insert name here)” but when my closets friends call we just say to each other “YO!” just to mock a few people we know (lol)

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I primarily use callerid just to determine whether I’ll actually answer or not.

And so, except for if it’s the wife calling, I just say, “Hello.”

If you’re calling a friend from another friend’s phone, and then the recipient says hello to that person, then you have to explain who you are, and laugh uncomfortably, before moving on. A simple “hello” is expected and easily dealt with. It’s comfortable to both caller and recipient.

I find some small comfort in using other old telephone paradigms, too. Another good example of where the old way was better is exemplified with hands-free bluetooth headsets.

Someone walking around talking “to the air” on one of those things freaks people out. It’s jarring. However, simply holding a phone up to your ear and having the same conversation in the same place is, in my opinion, more comforting to those around you.

I use a bluetooth, but I have at times also held the handset up to my other ear during the call just so it’s obvious I’m talking on the phone and not ranting at invisible people.

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Sometimes, I’ll answer and greet the person, directly. If it’s my mom – that freaks her out, so I don’t do it. Okay, so I do it every so often, but not as often as I want to!

I don’t always pay attention to caller id, we have new phones and I don’t care for the display, so I find myself not paying as close attention to it, anymore.

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Usually hello(insert name) there are of course exceptions like my girlfriend i generally answer the phone with “hey baby” or some friend will occasionally get a “Yo dude!”

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wwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzz upppppppp?

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If it’s one of my parents or my sweetie, I greet them warmly just like I would in person. If it’s anyone else, I just say, “Hello”.

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We have caller ID at work and every once in a while I like to just pick up the phone when I recognize a name and just say, “Hi _____!” It really throws people at first.

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It depends on who’s calling me. If it’s someone I’m not too close with and/or fond of, I’ll just say “Hello”. If it’s a good friend, it varies from “What’s good?” to “Hey babygirl!” to whatever else pops into my head at the time.

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I don’t have caller ID, but I would probably say the person’s name if I did.

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I don’t say the persons name, but my language may change depending on who it is. If it’s my boss I’ll answer with a “Hello,” but if it’s my best friend I’ll give her a “You again?” I’m kidding about the you again thing, kind of. I’ve answered like that before, but not all the time. Usually I give her a hearty “Hey!” =]

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I say “hi,______.” Most people know we have caller ID, so it’s not a shock with them. If it’s a business calling, I still say hello.

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If it was a business call, I’d probably say my name.

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If it’s a friend, I often greet them “Hi so-and-so” and am very happy.

If it’s business-related, school-related, or a friend of my parents, I just say “hello”

If it’s my ex, I don’t answer. :)

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I use “hello” for everyone, regardless of who it is. Even if my parents are calling, someone else could be using their phone.

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