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What excuse do you give for not answering your mobile phone?

Asked by sferik (6106points) April 14th, 2008

Those who know me, know that I carry my mobile phone with me wherever I go. More and more, I feel like there is an expectation that I always answer their calls. There are only so many times I can tell someone “I was in the subway.” What are some creative, plausible excuses?

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“Sorry, i have caller ID”

or “i forgot to take it off silent”—this one works quite well if you frequent the cinema.

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I must have been in a dead area and it did not ring.

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I was in a conversation. I was paying for something. It would have been rude where I was. I was eating something. I was holding too many things. I was about to go in to a complicated transaction. I had a headache.

I very VERY rarely pick up my phone. I don’t like being at everyone beck and call and find that they tend to take advantage of it. I will answer texts, but my friends expect to leave a message whenever they call me.
I pick up if its my boss or someone I really wish to speak to.

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Sorry I was driving and fluthering.

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I have an iPhone. The ring tone is so low that I can not hear the ringing when it is in my purse. Sadly this is true. I hate it that my ring tone is so low. Can’t the geniuses at apple figure this one out? Or is it just me?

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I don’t usually give excuses, I just say I didn’t wanna answer, haha. A lot of the times when I’ve had to tell someone “I lost my phone, it didn’t go through, etc” they usually think I’m lying when I’m sadly not…hahah

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mzgator, there is a ringer volume that you can turn way up in your settings, or on the side of your phone.

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I tell people:
I forgot that I left my phone on silent.

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been there done that…ringer volume sucks. I live the iPhone in every way but the sound. I miss my old motorilla razor for the volume. Do you think something is wrong with my iPhone?

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So many people seem to have forgotten that only a couple of years ago, we weren’t constantly tethered to the rest of the wold with cell phones. Some people like the idea, some people don’t. I, unfortunately, fall into the latter category and am still constantly surprised by the amount of flack I receive from people for just not really caring at that paticular moment what they have to tell me. Every little detail of your day has suddenly become so important that I must know about it at that minute?

On a related note, I’ve noticed that probably 40–50% of people are on their phones (usually doing 60 in the left lane) when driving. What the hell are you always talking about?

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There’s some program my friend has on his jailbroken phone that increases ringer volume by 20 or so percent. People are aware of this problem.

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Mzgator, you might have a problem with your speakers. I’d get it looked at. If that doesn’t work, find the loudest song you possibly can on itunes and buy it as a ringtone.

I don’t have problems with the volume on mine.

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just say you were busy. if they ask with what they’d better be my mom or my girl for I don’t need to answer to anyone else.

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i always use the “i was in class” or “i was walking and my phone was on vibrate” or “i had no serivice, you really called me?!”

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I usually act pissed and say “I don’t know what’s up lately with my service, I’ve been missing important calls, like one from [insert name of boss or someone really important whom your friend knows],” until you have the friend saying “wow, really, that sucks. So you didn’t get the promotion…”
The good thing about this one is that it gives an excuse you can use perpetually, at least for a few weeks until they question your ability to get your little problem fixed.

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“sorry… ‘batin’ ”

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Either..I forgot my phone on silent, I was very busy and didn’t pick up any calls today or I wasn’t really in the mood to talk to anyone.

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@shockvalue, thats always a good excuse!

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My phone is broken, and I’m loving it! Waiting for an iPhone… (no official iPhones in Australia yet.)

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don’t have one.. which is the best excuse of all

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I prefer the “I was talking to someone” or “I didn’t hear the phone ring” or, well… don’t train people to expect you to answer the phone every time they call =)

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Excuses are decently easy, especially if your not on the spot. My biggest problem is when I tell them something like, I didn’t hear it and they reply well why didn’t you call me back when you saw the missed call.

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I’m with bpeoples and delirium: I’ve trained my friends to not expect me to answer every time. I also am in the habit of pretty much always calling someone back the same day, so I think that helps my friends not worry if I don’t pick up when they call.

Actually, I never give an excuse. If it’s something urgent or it’s an old friend I don’t get back to for a few days or weeks, my favorite line is, “Sorry I didn’t get back to you till NOW. How are you????”

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It’s in my bag and on silent – didn’t spot it.

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Different rings “cut” better than others. I’d try out the “old phone” ring. That one seems to get pretty damn loud when the ringer is up all the way.

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No excuses necessary. My phone is for my convenience, not the callers. I never answer the phone if I’m talking to someone else (real life), that’s just rude.

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I’m with Maverick on this one! I am old enough to remember a time before cell phones and even before answering machines! It is not necessary to be immediately available at all times.

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@Maverick: Sorry I could only great answer than once.

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@sferik – This is why text is the way to go…I rarely actually call people and don’t really want people to call me.

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I don’t make excuses, and my phone is usually off. At the moment, it hasn’t even been charged in about three weeks.

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Why does it seem that there is an air of pride when people talk about how they’re never reachable through their cell phones?

This isn’t specific to Fluther either.

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makes you feel wanted yet too important to be easily available….....
but really though, being available at any given time would drive anyone insane, I’m sure.

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i periodically run into situations where i cannot answer cell phone simply because i did not know i was being called. this happened one time too many and i pitched my cell to the ground for my wife to see it crumble and break, contacts, pix and all. she was the one trying to call and finds it unbelievable that a phone call can go unanswered just based on “cell phone” technicalities. time and again i have explained this can happen even at times when it is an emergency. for 48 hours i felt free again…

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it’s not even an excuse when i dont answer the phone. i dont answer for simple reasons like: i walked away from it or didnt hear it ringing. i think i said that a few days ago, but i’ve been dealing with a cell phone-related issue of my own for the past 7 days.

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meeting. shower. went for a bike ride. on a date. in the library. at a show. on set. having a life.
if you live in la, you can say you’re driving and don’t have a blue tooth.

i would just go with the truth: i’m avoiding you.

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Here’s one that will work for all the states that have the Hands Free Law.

I was driving and couldn’t find my ear piece! Didn’t want to risk getting a ticket.

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Mine loses charge regularly, so I can never answer it, for fear of it dying.

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I just don’t answer and all my friends and family know I never answer my phone and that it will take me days to check my voicemails. If they really really really need me they keep calling.

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You don’t have to answer all the time. Make sure you reserve your right to avoid any call if you feel like to. The most important thing is that… back those people who left you a voice mail when you have the chance to do so. This can be a day or a few days later. IT IS PERFECTLY OK!!!
After doing this for a while, all of my friends and family members don’t expect me to answer my calls ALL THE TIME.

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My dog ate my cell phone.

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