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Anyone stoked about Radiohead's upcoming release?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) October 8th, 2007

What do you think of their record-label-free, direct download approach? If you’re buying, how much are you paying?

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I’m stoked. Yes. I’m buying. I paid 4.5 pounds (which equaled 9 Canadian. I thought i was going to be $10, but our dollar is doing well right now).

As for their record-label-free direct download experiment, I think it is great. Labels are a dinosaur on the way out.

However, while this type of tactic will work for bands with decent followings, it would be very hard for up and coming bands that don’t release a lightning bolt with their debut albums (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah being an obvious exception) to go this route. Labels do provide some exposure, some management and some inroads.

Still, I’m excited about their album.

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i already pre-ordered mine for $ 1.75 (cheap -but if the album is good, i know i’ll end up getting the boxed set). I think its an amazing approach by an artist – if this works out for them maybe other artists will do so in the future. What i really loved was the how their website says that the price for the download is “Really Up To You”.

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yep 5£ and sooooo stoked…

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I feel bad, but I’m the guy who paid 0. I’m not a huge radiohead fan, so I wanna see if I like the stuff. If I do, and end up listening a lot, I might go back to the site and pay for another download of it.

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Just reading that NIN is following suit. Too bad I stopped following him/them like ten years ago.

Gee, I was thinking of paying $20 and burning a copy for my bro-in-law, but maybe I’m too high.

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I paid 5 pounds. Can’t wait till tomorrow.

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I was one of those naughty people who didn’t pay, but I went to see them in concert twice, which much more expensive. However this time around, I went for the WAV format with King of Limbs.

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