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How much did you pay for Radiohead's In Rainbows?

Asked by amazon (44points) October 11th, 2007

Downloaders of Radiohead’s most recent album, In Rainbows, are allowed to name their own price.

If you downloaded it, how much did you pay (in £ or $) and how did you come to that amount?

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$ 1.75 it was a good deal but i didnt really like the album – i felt that the album was a bit depressing

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I paid 0$ with this mindset:
If I like the CD I’ll pay for a “second” download, just so I’ll have paid something decent.
If I dont like it, I’ll remove it from my computer.

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I paid 50 pence plus a 45 pence convenience charge or something. I think thats like $1.80 or so. So far it sounds really good.

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I paid 4.5 pounds. Worked out to 8.50 canadian. Love the album. Worth all 8.50 for sure.

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First I wanted to pay $7,-.

Then I found out they were 160kbps mp3’s, so I wanted to pay $0,01.

Then I found out everything worked very very slow and I got it from the Pirate Bay for $0,-.

Maybe I’ll buy the retail CD **beats self on head for defeating the purpose**.

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£5 but I’m a Radiohead glutton and they can do no wrong! Only thing I’m semi-disappointed with is the 160kbps. I may just have to go and pay 0 for yhr CD and wait until December to break even

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I paid £4.99. I consider this a sensible price for a non-physical download. Actually I consider it a sensible price for a cd too, and I buy a lot of back catalogue at around that price.

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I paid $0.00 for the downloads, but then I purchased the retail CD. I would have paid more for the downloads and been happy, but I was dissapointed with the 160kbps encoding. I was really hoping for 256kbps.

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paid 8 bucks for the download, then paid 7.99 for it at best buy when it came out on cd. well worth it!

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