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Do you prefer Web apps or Desktop Apps? What is your opinion on them? What's your experiences with them?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) February 13th, 2009

What are the pros and cons? Which do you use more? Which is better for my notebook? If I weren’t so tired, I’d think of more sub-Qs.

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Web apps by far.
Desktop apps are alright if you don’t have access to the internet and they update your stuff as soon as you get signal, but they’re pointless if you do, and they’re usually really slow. It’s quicker to (e.g.) log on to twitter, type something, log off and get off rather than type something straight into twitterific and wait.

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as an add on, any site that allows you to use your bookmarks bar as a ‘share’ thing is awesome. e.g. Delicious, tumblr

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I like portable apps. Then Web apps.

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I prefer web apps, if they are good. Most web apps can’t compete with desktop apps on userfriendliness. So i prefer a combination. like having iCal synced with Google Calendar or synced with Gmail. So my answer would be web applications with a desktop client synced! (or the opposite)

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I like the security of desktop applications. Working in a creative field, I would hate for content I create to be floating around on the internet where people could potentially tamper with them or even steal them. Working offline is very important to me. Granted, someone could steal them off my personal computer but I have a bit more control over that: I can keep my computer offline and protect it with a password and other security measures.

However, I do enjoy social networking applications online, Facebook especially, and the entertainment solutions are better online too.

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@nashish Facebook isn’t really a web application is it? I’d consider it a webpage…

Another thing i like about Web apps is that most times, they have better backup systems than i do. Have you ever experienced GMail or Meebo losing your data?

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