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Do you find yourself spending more time using web applications or desktop applications?

Asked by Overshard (107points) December 1st, 2008

I have been using Fluid on Mac OS X for quite a while now; I find that I am spending much more time using web applications like google calendar as opposed to iCal.

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Web. Definitely.

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I’m willing to take a bet that most people on Fluther are going to say web. So what about friends as well?

Most of my more tech savvy friends tend to use web based, but people like my parents use desktop apps still.

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Web. What do people use desktop apps for? J/k.

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I use CalDEV and sync my iCal and my Google Calendar. So…both?

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Desktop. Cause I don’t need need to wait for the internet to work.

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Yes, absolutely.

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Whatever Poker Stars is.

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Web apps more than the desktop.

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i work as a web developer. and strangely, i use more desktop apps than web apps… most of the time, i am on Zend Studio and Putty…

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Desktop. I use a couple of web apps, but I’ve yet to use anything which is as fast and slick as a good desktop app (for things more complex than calendars, dtp, etc., I mean). With a good sync setup using Dropbox, I have no need for web apps with most of my work. They just slow me down.

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I spend a lot of time in the web, but mostly use desktop applications. I used to use Google Docs quite a bit, but then my internet got choppy and I’m not longer collaborating on documents as much. Then I found Abiword which was lightning-quick and both Abiword and OpenOffice have a collaboration-function if necessary.

Though, I do find I like to type my documents in WYMeditor (on the web) now to be sure document layout is preserved. I really should start using LaTeX :P

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Mostly desktop apps for me. Its kind of scary to only rely on remote stuff.

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I feel the opposite. I actually think that google has more secure servers and backup systems than me and my laptop

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Web naturally! How can you have the dynamicness and innovativeness and vast feature set of the web installed on your pc? I guess I have a few apps running in the background like a music player (mediamonkey) or BitTorrent (uTorrent naturally!), most of my work is based in firefox itself. Gmail, Google Cal, IM translator, so much useful stuff out there! Well for school work I do have to use a lot of MS Office though, no online office suite can match up to it just yet….

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I use Google for everything except work related stuff. For that my company forces me to use Microsoft Office. But sometimes I get away with using open office on my laptop.

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