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Have you ever thought a question was going to soar only to have it fall flat?

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) February 14th, 2009

Have you ever asked a question that you thought was going to see tons and tons of action, start a brilliant thought provoking debate, and earn you all kinds of “great question” lurve only to see it fall flat?

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I’ve asked a few questions that seemed really appealing to me but obviously proved less than captivating to the members of Fluther. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again I say. There are no victims on Fluther!

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It seems directly correlated to my state of mind. If I’m depressed, every amount of answers seems too little, like no one likes me, and if I’m doing ok, I am happy with any amount of answers.

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Like the above one?

just kidding, thanks for the set up…...

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Yeah, a few times I don’t ask nearly as much as I answer though so thankfully it isn’t very often.
I don’t think girlofscience has this problem – poo.

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Yes! My questions about people’s Valentine’s Day memories. Hardly anyone answered. I think they’re repressed.

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Maybe nobody know the answer.

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Yes. I find it puzzling, but amusing. (Another one bites the dust.)

I have also had what I thought were throwaway answers get a lot of GAs, while one I really put a lot of thought and effort into gets one or nothing. Oh, well.

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Yes, but I’d like to add that some of the threads I most enjoy
aren’t necessarily the ones that get the most replies.

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I’ve only asked a few questions thus far during my brief time here, and it’s never occurred to me when I’ve asked anything that there’d be any hoopla.

I’ve just wanted answers.


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I’m curious about everything, but I also need to be of service to the community (because no one will like me otherwise, as is also the case with answers). So I try to come up with three to six questions a day to help this place out. It also helps me figure out what I’m thinking about.

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@daloon – And let me say it’s appreciated. Your Qs help me think things through as well, whether or not I answer them.

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Yes, but on other forums.

I haven’t been on Fluther for long and haven’t asked too many questions so I can’t really say for this site.

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I haven’t asked a lot of questions on Fluther, mainly because what I want to ask has been asked or I forget what I was going to ask! Everything I’ve asked, though, has been answered to my satisfaction – I got what I was looking for, so I think that mean they haven’t failed. I don’t generally go by amount of responses, it’s whether or not I think I get some response that helps me figure out a situation or directly answers my question.

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I have about 5 question that have less than 10 answers. The most for me is 57, which is not a question I thought would go far. But you never know what will happen on Fluther :).
Someone should make a question to break the record like “This is the most answered question”.

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