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Without looking it up, do people know what the company Reynolds America makes? How about RJ Reynolds?

Asked by evander (460points) October 10th, 2007

This is an informal straw pole on company name recognition for a project I am working on. Please answer as though you didn’t see any of the other responses. If you do recognize the name without any other clues, what region of the country (or world) are you from?

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RJ makes aluminum foil…Resident of NE US, always. NOT a clue about Reynolds America.

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Grovel, grovel. I did cheat and just check and apparently there is also Reynolds Products, a branch of Alcoa.

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foil & tobacco products, new mexico

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Don’t they also own Kraft/Nabisco?

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RJ Reynolds sounds familiar… not Reynolds America. No initial guess to what they make.

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I don’t know Reynolds America.
I believe RJ Reynolds makes cigarettes.
I’ve heard of it because of Barbarians at the Gate.

I’m in Asia.

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Reynolds has something to do with aluminum foil and aluminum products.

After reading sjg’s remarks, I wonder if they’re the RJR in “RJR/Nabisco”

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I believe they started with cigarettes, but now manufacture all manner of items, from cheese to bath towels.

Alright, I don’t know for sure about those last two, but I do know they make smokes.

And I’m from Texas.

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