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Is there a way to retrieve text messages kind of like finding out which person called who?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) February 15th, 2009

i am trying to figure out a family issue by myself, but the thing is if i am able to retrieve the text messages on the phone through the internet or have the company mail it to me then it would be great.Is there a way?

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Um, do you own the phone line? If not, then it’s illegal.

You could just grow a pair and deal with it with your family.

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Two votes for “grow a pair”.

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Either it isn’t your business so you’re not being told, or you’re all pushing each other out and you need to be the hero on that one and bring people together to help. Some things are never your business. Like a parents divorce details. Not your business. If you have to sneak around for information you know how you’re doing things is wrong and there’s probably a reason.

Don’t violate your family’s privacy, it only makes you more untrustworthy for the next ‘family issue’.

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@afghanmoose, speaking from personal experience, when I try to figure out family issues on your own, I tend to only get 65% of the facts straight, and misunderstand the other 35%. I often make a bigger mess of the situation than if I’d just waited for them to come to me.

What seems to be the most helpful is offers of support, and saying “You know I love you, and I trust you to do the right thing. I’m here to help.” Usually that gets the story out.

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well yea ofcourse i own the damn line,its a family plan,second i do have a pair but its complicated

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thanks alfreda and asmonet,please dont judge me cuz u dnt know jack,i only asked a question with a simple reason and dont want to go into details about it

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We know only what you told us and answered accordingly. Lose the attitude.

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watever asmonet,thanks for for the advice

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@afghanmoose, I have Sprint, and I believe that you can order billing with call log history as a billing option. I know you can set it up online, but to order it retroactively might take a phone call.

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@afghanmoose Kid, what is your malfunction? These fine flutherites can only help you as much as you will let them. Getting butt hurt by everything they say will certainly hinder any progress you seek in conflict resolution.

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thanks shockvalue,i agree,we all are entitled to OUR opinions thus hurting ones feelings in the process does happen more than once for a flutheran,thus seeking my peace and spirituality to calm me down through this session.

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@afghanmoose, not judging you, but just offering counsel that sometimes what seems like a good idea when you are upset and have the need to make a situation right, often comes around to bite you in the butt later.

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true.thanks a lot.also ur in my fluther alfreda!

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All you need to do is call your cellular company and ask them to add text messaging calls to your bill. Even with a family plan, most companies can add this feature to your bill with no added fee. You will only get the phone number that the text was sent to, not incoming texts or the actual text itself.

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You can get a detailed listing of messages sent back and forth but not the contents of the messages. If you can view your bill online you can simple view the data/messaging area and see where the texts went or came from. The only way to view the contents is with a court subpeona.

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thanks daethian

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I have seen this done to some of my friends by their parents. They went in to the cell phone company and asked someone who worked there I guess. I know one of my friends was on Verizon Wireless service at the time ( I’m not sure about the other one ). But, her parents were able to print out every single text message from that billing period and see the content of each message, the receiver’s number and the date and time sent.

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If verizon, online under my account. It shows for text if it was incoming or outgoing.

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The Carrier has the data. Its a matter of what information do they provide in a monthly bill or online view. A court order will be needed for the highest level of detail or if what they provide online or monthly is not enough. Call them and ask. They hold the keys to the data.
Now if it were a Blackberry and the RIM service is on a corporate system, they also have copies of all the details. interesting reading indeed for admins

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