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What cell phone provider should I get?

Asked by deni (23141points) October 10th, 2009

I’ve had verizon for almost 4 years now. I’ve had an awful experience with them, but there is relatively poor service in my area, and verizon is the only provider that gets any reception in many places that i frequent (i live outside of pittsburgh). so, i really didn’t have a choice. but now thats changing and more towers are going up, more people have service with different carriers different places.

so what do you recommend? i text a lot. i dont need a fancy phone, i lose/break phones a lot so i can’t be trusted. i’m on my 6th phone this year. :’(. anyhow, i pay 72 a month now, which includes unlimited text, pictures, and like 400 minutes or something but i usually dont use them all.

I think cricket is fairly cheap? then again, i will be moving to colorado in a few months and maybe they have some different services out there? i’m not sure. anyhow, can you guys recommend what you have? or, tell me what you like/dislike about your current cell service….anything would help. i plan on going around to the different stores next week, but i figured i’d ask here first because i lurve you all and you’re way more helpful.

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where are you currently residing?

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woops. outside of pittsburgh. shoulda said that, sorry

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@deni no worries. When i lived in chicago, i had to switch to u.s.cellular for the same reasons. i was really pleased with them (mostly), but when i moved out of their service area, i switched to sprint. again, pretty pleased.

and here in philly i’ve never had issue with verizon. ask your friends what they have, and how they like their service.

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We chose Cingular (now swallowed up by AT&T) because 1) all of our family members use it so almost all of our calls are free, and 2) it has the best coverage in Texas. We really haven’t had a problem with them and the price is acceptable. We go for the Unlimited Texting plan, because I have two teenagers.

When I first had to choose a phone company, in addition to talking to friends and family, I searched online for reviews under best cell phone company Texas, which confirmed Cingular as being a good choice for me. So if I were you I’d do a google search for best cell phone company Pittsburgh Colorado and see what comes up.

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Had Verizon for 10 years now. Never had a problem. :-)

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I’ve only ever had t-mobile and verizon. t-mobile is absolutely horrible in my area, verizon though has been awesome.

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I agree with @eponymoushipster You need ot check with folks in the area you live and frequent. We have verizon for the coverage, but in our area Bell would be cheaper with more features, but I can’t use it at my house – no coverage in rural areas around Cincinnati… Verizon for the most part seems to have the most dependable services in most major areas.

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I got stuck with Verizon too. My company (Altell) sold out to them, and my contract got sold to them. I’m not happy about it, but i have another year left on my contract to shop. I live about 2 hours from you, so I will watch this thread to see who you choose. Good luck!

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Look at coverage maps and see what phone you want. That’s the best way to decide.

iPhone ftw!

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I have had AT&T (through many different incarnations) for what seems an eternity. I occasionally look at other provider offers, but I have never changed because my coverage has always been decent (at home, travel) and well, I’m just comfortable with it.

Like others have mentioned, I’d first look at coverage maps, then narrow down by plans/phones and $.

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I don’t know whether you will have them but in the UK we have a network called Orange it may just go by a different name in America, anywho I have been with them for 11 years due to their excellent and friendly customer service, and many times they have given me free stuff (such as 100 free mins a month for 6 months) just for being nice to them!

Edit: also their coverage has always been great regardless of the country I have been in.

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Mostly depends on where you live, but Consumer Reports has declared Verizon the best service provider in almost all urban areas, as well as generally being better in all locations.

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@Fred931 – Well, so much for Consumer Reports’ reliability.

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I just bought a new house in a very country setting, and find my cell phone provider (AT&T) is spotty at best there, but every other network has no signal there, so I am stuck.
I suggest you talk to people who live nearby, and find out the real world stats.

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I have to go with cingular if you have any interest in an iphone.

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What did you get?

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@willbrawn ugh nothing yet. my contract is up in like…2 weeks? i totally forgot about it til this just popped up…i’ll report back in a few

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@Jobes32 Umm, how much communication do you retain with the outside world? Cingular was bought up by AT&T, what, 5 years ago?

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Keep in mind verizon just announced android phones coming in the next few weeks. I’d get one of those if you go to tmobile or verizon.

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