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Do you know people who could talk forever.. literally?

Asked by NaturalMineralWater (11303points) February 15th, 2009

I could get up. Leave. Have lunch. Come back and say mm hmm once and the “conversation” would keep going. Am I wrong to look at my watch and want to move on? Is that insensitive? Or are THEY being insensitive by being boring and longwinded? =D

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My aunt Beverly and my cousin Susan, but I got a kick out of them since I could escape.

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oh my goodness. My roommate’s cousin drops by every now and then, and he’s a motormouth. He has an opinion on eeeeeeeeeverything, and it takes him 20 minutes to finally get back around to the original point after he’s told a few loosely related stories.

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My oldest brother is like that! I can put the phone down, put a load of laundry in the machine and come back and he is still talking.
About nothing. One time it was 45 minutes on new tires. Do I look like I know anything about tires?

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I have the same problem with this person not knowing how to say goodbye. I say goodbye and the talk continues… holy crap it’s annoying

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my mother. oh man. Those phone calls are never ending.

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No. Nobody knows anyone who could talk forever, literally.
However, I am one of those people who could talk forever, figuratively.

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@AstroChuck there’s always one…. always… lol

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My sister. Of course it’s always at the worst time, too!

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A good used car salesman can rattle on for eons.

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Yeah, this guy I talked with a few years ago. Nothing happened because the talking just really annoyed me. I was on the phone with him once, and he was yapping non-stop for 15 minutes, with me not being able to get a word in at all. Eventually I had to go, only he wouldn’t shut up to let me say so, so I ended up having to hang up on him. I didn’t talk to him anymore after that.

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My mom is definitely like that. I go somewhere for a day, come back and talk to her… You’d think I was gone for a month.

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My aunt has actually been cut off by the answering machine…twice. I don’t mean two times ever…I mean twice in one “call”. She called and started talking and then got cut off…this meant she had to call back to finish her message “haha…guess I got cut-off” and then she called back AGAIN to do it one more time….she didn’t get cut-off the third time, but she came close.

Conversations with her on the phone are ridiculous…you can tell someone’s on the phone with her because all you hear from the person on your end is “Uh huh I….yah we…...uh huh but….well I….that’s ni…..we coul…..” cause you never actually get a couple of words, much less a full sentence, out in between her ramblings. She’ll also tell the same story over and over in one conversation (I think the record is four times in one phone call)....

My mother, brother and I actually have to trick each other in to picking up the phone when she calls because we know it will suck up at least an hour of your life if you’re the one unfortunate enough to get stuck on the phone with her.

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My mom. I just hang up sometimes.

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I literally know someone who could talk forever.

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The mother of one of my son’s classmates. She’s as sweet as can be, but during any band concert, awards assembly, self-defense class or class party, she talks to me non-stop. I miss everything at these functions and I just want to ask her to please be quiet, but I don’t.

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I think the person to whom you are referring are the insensitive ones. You are not part of a conversation, but listening to a long-winded speech.

And in answer to your main question: I find that I sometimes bore others with my long-windedness but I am working on it. Patience, friends! I think it’s a bad habit personally, kind of a verbal tick or rut you get into and can’t shut up for some reason (nerves?).

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A friend of my friends. We are forced to hang out because of that. She just cant stop talking!!! Its un-frickin-believable!!!!!!! She could talk about herself for days and days. Seriously, she should have a sign taped to her forehead ” HI THERE! READY TO HEAR ME TALK NONSTOP?”

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I know people like that who get on the phone with me. There’s times I’d like to call them & chat for a bit, but I don’t because I’d never get off. God forbid when THEY call. I have to literally interrupt them to get a word in edgeways.

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My aunt. Except when I tried to get up to do something else, the words, “SIT YOUR BUTT BACK DOWN WHILE I’M TALKING TO YOU!” would thunder forth and I was stuck while she railed on for hours about the perfidy of life, men, noisy neighbors, my lack of proper Christian piety, and lesbian co-workers hitting on her telepathically. I would wish fervently that the Lord existed and would somehow paralyze her mouth. Or that the phone would ring. Or something.

And she had the nerve to tell me that I talked too much!

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