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Stan Getz was known as the sound how ?

Asked by JUDYXYC (31points) February 16th, 2009

Stan Getz had such a wonderful tone on his tenor saxophone he was known as the sound. What kind of reed did he use ?

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It seems that he played different reeds at different points in his career, but the most often mentioned are Vandoren “Classic” #4 and #5.

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@Harp How do you know this? Are you a reed player, yourself?

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@daloon Oh no, I just browsed through a bunch of sax discussion boards, where trivia like this is bandied about endlessly.

Vandoren also uses a quote by Getz on their website:

“I don’t like a reedy sound. I have to work hard to get my sound because I use a harder reed (med-hard Vandoren)”

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I cannot think of bossa nova without thinking about Getz. He really defined the brass in the bossa sound. I’ve often wondered how much Getz influenced João Gilberto.

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