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Apple TV. Who's using it and are you happy with it?

Asked by davidshoukry (434points) February 16th, 2009

I’ve just bought a HD TV+Blu Ray player. I’m considering Apple TV to make an on-demand library to ‘live’ in the TV. I’d be interested in hearing experiences from actual users. Thank you.

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We have one and love it! We use it all the time. We enjoy playing music through our surround sound. I also enjoy having my pictures on it. I love seeing my pictures scrolling while music is playing. Watching movies from iTunes or tv shows is a breeze. The sound quality is awesome and video quality is top notch.

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Love that is easily syncs with mac/iphone/ipod, so if we travel, can take a long shows, particularly for the kids. Also like the iTunes integration, so you get AirTunes functionality. Video podcasts were a real surprise – lots of goodness I hadnt heard of. Experience keeps getting upgraded and getting better.

– some limitations on content. Fix:added a Boxee plugin to get more content like Hulu, etc.
– storage is a pain. Fix: still playing with different options.

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I’ve had it for a while now and absolutely love it! I have all my music synced to it, along with tons of movies and music videos. It’s great, but I’d love to see what they do with it next.

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Thanks for the answers so far. Just so I understand this right, ATV stores movies and photos on its own hard drive but streams music over your network from another computer’s iTunes?

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I think you can stream or store any of the content provided the itunes library is linked to the ATV. For airtunes, anyone itunes lib can stream to the speakers associated with the ATV.

Oh yes, iphone or itouch remote can also be used to control a bunch of functions. Nice when you are entertaining :)

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I love my ATV! Consider getting boxee for it as well.

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Thanks again for this. How do you rate picture quality when compared to DVD (I’m assuming it’s not in the same ballpark as Blu Ray)?

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