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Anyone seen "the Wrestler"?

Asked by Jack79 (11019points) February 16th, 2009

Saw it yesterday and loved it. Sure, there’s nothing special or unexpected about the plot, and there must have been a million movies about down-and-out “has beens”. But this one was brilliantly made, and I really hope both Rourke and Tomei get their Oscars.
The question I want to ask though is this: there were 5–6 people sitting together a few rows in front of me, well-dressed, middle-aged people. They looked like critics or maybe some censorship committee or something. They kept standing up, going out, coming back in. This happened several times and in the end they just packed up and left (half-way through the film). They were speaking loudly all the time, and I heard one woman say “this is the worst film I’ve ever seen”.
In what way could you say that this is the “worst” film you’ve ever seen? What was bad about it, for those of you that didn’t like it? How would you rate this film if you were professional critics (like these people seemed to be)?

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How unprofessional to be loud and obnoxious in a movie theater where other people are trying to watch a movie. I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t comment on your question, just annoyed someone would be that rude.

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I really liked the movie, I guess the only complaint I have is the way it ended because I think I know what happened, but I will never actually know what happened.

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Loved it, it was much better than slumdog. If they were critics, i’d like to see them make a film as good.

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I would like to add how real the strip club scenes were. I bartended at a “gentlemans club” for about 6 years, and the stripper/client relationship was right on. There are so many men that are lonely, they are just looking for attention and love. The girls give the attention these men crave, the men give the money the girls want. It’s sad because the girls are doing their job, the men get too attatched, some girls start to feel guilty, and the man always ends up hurt. It’s really a sad and pitiful industry.

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I didn’t care for it. Rourke was good, but not spectacular. I didn’t like the lighting, the plot line, the father daughter dynamic (didn’t seem believable, plus he ends up being a jerk), or the boring cinematography. None of it was particularly bad, just not very good. Plus, I am a firm believer that every movie should be funny, at least a few times. This movie didn’t make me laugh, it didn’t make me cry, it didn’t make me think, and I didn’t care when he died. In fact I was kind of glad, I didn’t want him to hurt anyone else.

But it wasn’t bad enough to interrupt with loud talking in the theater. They probably weren’t critics, just pretentious rich people that don’t give a shit about their fellow movie-goers.

The only film that I had to talk during this year was Gran Torino. Those kids were horrible. The whole “I’d like to see you make a movie that good” thing? I could not make a movie better than The Wrestler, at least not right now. But I could do a better acting job than those kids, especially the ones in the gang. God they were bad.

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I thought it was a solid movie. Not spectacular, but solid. I didn’t like the ending at first because it was so abrupt, and not really the happy ending we all as movie-goiers subconsciously hope for. But looking back at it, it was wrapped up nicely (I’d like to get into it more but don’t want to write any spoilers).

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trumi: other than the spoiler (and in fact nobody knows for sure how it ends), your answer is a good and valid one. I obviously think this was a great movie, but anyone is entitled to think otherwise. I still can’t see how it can be considered “the worst movie ever” though. I mean, no matter how strict someone can be, surely, they must have seen something worse, right?
I’ve never heard of Gran Torino, but I’m glad I haven’t. Good tip to stay clear of it. Seen some pretty bad movies recently myself.
Incidentally, I recently watched Transporter 3. Nothing amazing, just your typical good-old car-chase action movie. Which was exactly what I wanted that particular afternoon. But I bet they could have found at least ONE actress in all of Ukrainia that can actually say the damn words without making it sound as if she’s reading a card over the cameraman’s head, right? And she wasn’t particularly pretty to start with. I didn’t expect any breathtaking performances, but I have friends in our amateur theatre group that can act better than that.

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Sorry, I didn’t notice the spoiler. My bad!

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Hold on a sec. He died!?!? Whaaaat!??!?!

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@Jack79 Gran Torino was a good movie. Yeah the gang members weren’t the best actors, but I think a lot of older people are very racist and it was nice to see how one man could see his mistakes and change them. Better late then never, I say. and Clint is sexy

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The Wrestler was a great movie. Marisa Tomea’s boobs stole the movie though.

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I personally thought it was a great movie. I think that some people differ on their view of cinema. Some of the movie goers are simply going for a fun popcorn flick with a happy ending. Others enjoy a more truthful storytelling aspect to film making. With the Wrestler I think it is the latter group that is going to appreciate it more.

As Elijah mentioned… it’s truthful in presenting itself in regards to the strip-club relationship as it is most of it’s content. We aren’t viewing his life during the great period of fame… we’re viewing after all that has gone away. Naturally the film will have a less than cheery tone since it focuses on him trying to break from his old habits to become a completely different person.

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