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Have you ever been afraid to do something (thinking that you'd fail), but, when you pushed yourself to do it, you realized that it wasn't so difficult afterall and your effort proved to be successful?

Asked by Jude (32131points) February 16th, 2009
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Yes, my job dispatching. I originally turned it down, thinking I’d never be able to remember 30+ pick-up routes. Now I could do it in my sleep.

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No. I have bad anxiety, so even on the rare occasion where I beat my mind and step out of my comfort zone, I think of all of the ways it could have gone wrong and I’m back in the same spot I was at.

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I was asked to teach French to third and fourth graders. After I said, “No, thanks. I haven’t any teaching experiece,” my interlocuter heard it as “Yes, I’d love to.” So, I did for two years and had a wonderful time. So did the kids, I believe.

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Not really, but I do have things I’m not pushing myself to do because there’s no likelihood of success.

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yes… it’s tough but a couple of things recently..

I went to a party alone that i was dreading because i was afraid no-one would talk to me… I had a fabulous time, mingled with everyone, they all made me feel really welcome and I lost track of time and my worries…It was a success.

I sang at my best friend’s wedding, feeling at one of my lowest points that i would not be able to handle the pressure…and i did, sang from the heart and remembered that i was giving the best gift that my friend would appreciate from me. Again it was a success.

Fear can paralyse you but it can also be your saving grace if you penetrate the darkest parts of yourself and run with it.

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Every time I have been afraid, but persevered I have been happy that I did.

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Getting an education! I always DREADED going back to school, I believed that it’d be horrible, and that I’d be broke, sleepless and friendless for 4 years. But you know, now that I’m done, it’s the smartest thing I’ve ever done :D

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I do every morning when my alarm clock starts going off.

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