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How can I get involved in and give back to my Brooklyn community in some way that involves food but doesn't involve mindlessly scooping mashed potatoes onto a cafeteria tray at a shelter?

Asked by giveitago (10points) February 16th, 2009
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Can you get kids (or poor folks) started doing community gardens? There might not be a lot of land to develop there, but some people garden on the roofs of buildings. It would bring a (sort of) nature experience and nutritious food to people who probably need both!

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Local food banks need help packing boxes and finding corporate sponsors.

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You could get some people together and create “bag lunches” and give the out to the homeless.

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@Adina1968; That’s what my husband and I did the day before the innauguration!

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I agree with the community gardens suggestion.
You might also want to think about what specific skills you havethat a non-profit could use. i.e., do you have experience with PR or marketing – (help them spread the word about their work). Are you a good event planner (help organize a fundraiser). Are you a good writer (help with their newsletter). There are lots of ways that your specific skills could help with any non-profit, if you can help offer them something that is tailor-made to what you are good at.

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