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Which character from The Office would win in a fight?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6751points) February 16th, 2009

I would choose Oscar. He seems really built, and if you piss him, off, he will get you.

Oh, and it’s free for all, complete random fight in the middle of the office.

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Dwight. He’s got weapons. Unless of course, Andy is near his car.

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Daryll from the warehouse. He’s gangsta. how racist of me

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@queenz: How very Michael Scott of you.

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I am going to have to concur with poofandmook. Dwight would win with his assortment of weapons. If we’re talking about a bare knuckle brawl, I’d go with Creed. I bet he has some tricks up his sleeve…

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@poofandmook: Or if Stanley is in a sumo suit and up for a promotion.

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The problem with Dwight is, he has a lot of stuff, but in reality e is incredibly awkward and uncoordinated.

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So, after further thought:

Stanley but only if he’s motivated by a raise, or if it’s pretzel day.

Kevin would lose, hands down.

Creed would casually go to the bathroom, take a piss, wash his hands and go back to work.

Andy would try throwing something and fail somehow.

Jim doesn’t have the motivation.

Pam would cower under her desk.

Angela would bite you.

Phyllis would tackle you.

Toby would call the police.

Kell(e)y would slap you.

Ryan would just walk outside and run.

Meredith would just sit back with a bottle of booze.

Dwight would try to use psychology.

Michael would just freak out.

Daryll would rally up the warehouse guys.

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Dwight, remember when Roy came after Jim, Dwight was ready. Just as long as there were a can of beets near by for some Popeye-esque power boost.

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Creed is pretty mysterious and nuts, I’ll bet he’s got some crazy shit up his sleeve. My money would be on him.

Daryll would probably kick some ass too.

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I’m going with Creed. Who knows what that crazy old man has up his sleeve?

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@Mtl: I think Dwight would definitely go for the weapons first. But, if he hasn’t brought any more in since Jim collected them all before his fight with Andy, then he would use psychology.

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Jim, he could take anyone. If Jim were to go mano y mano with Dwight he would stand there while Dwight jumped up and down and danced all over the place, twirled his nunchucks, and played with his butterfly knife. Once he was exhausted from all the showboating Jim would take him out clean with one punch.

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creed. he is flipping crazy.

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I just remembered that Creed was in cults, so he might be able to cast spells too!

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