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Questions about blood blisters?

Asked by fortris (680points) February 16th, 2009

I got a blood blister on 2/6/09 on my right hand’s middle finger’s midsection drumming and it is now a dark purple. I have kept a medicated band-aid on it at all times and it has not been pierced. Any techniques to help it and how long before it is safe to drum again?

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This site has step-by-step instructions.

I think Step 4 might be significant for you since you are likely to continue having pressure at that site.

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Just let it be, and your body will take care of it eventually. But a good tip would be to invest in a good pair of drum-gloves, so it won’t happen again.
You can drum again now, if you want to, as long as the blister doesn’t rupture. If it does, put a band-aid on it and leave it ‘til it’s healed.

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I previously had a normal blister when I got the blood blister for quite some time, when are my hands finally going to form calaces? (spelling?)

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is that why some drummers tape their fingers?

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Yes, for padding and grip.

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When I was a kid we always stabbed them with hydrogen peroxide covered needles… probably not medically sound but… [begin redneck voice] I ain’t dead yet neither [/end]

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The problem with popping blisters is that it causes an open sore, and that hurts and could get infected. Best not to, but it won’t kill you, as @NaturalMineralWater have already found out.

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In this day and age, with MRSA floating around in the community, I would strongly recommend against creating any unnecessary open sores that could become infected. Normal, otherwise healthy people die from MRSA infections. Don’t mess around with it.

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I love dermatology. :)
Sterilize a needle and poke it out before it pops.
But maybe not blood blisters, though :S.

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