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What should I name my fish?

Asked by Drummergirl708 (12points) February 16th, 2009

He’s a blue betta. Really pretty =)

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Frizzer has nice ring to it.

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Or maybe the Chinese word for blue because they are sometimes called “Chinese Fighting Fish.”

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How about Alpha?

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How about “Fish” or “Someone’s lunch.”

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my friend had a cat and couldn’t think of a name so she just called her cat…..

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Bubbly Bluefin

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Sea Kitten! It’s what PETA is trying to have people call fish because “who could harm a sea kitten?”.

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Morton if it’s a boy fish.
Mrs. Paul if it’s a girl fish.

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Dorian McGreywater Saunders if it plays with plastic army men.
Susan Peacockpetal Ashworthy if it wears purple bows.

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The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

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Wow, AC. You really like naming fish.

Honestly, I always wanted a blue fish named Bubbles. Dumb, but I like it. I also liked backwards names.

Like Mud, Dirt…or going in a different direction (Fish and) Chips, Sushi, and funny joke names. Chuck Norris, since it’s an asian style fighting fish, etc.

I second Frizzer, Wanda, and Moby. I don’t like naming pets after colors. I did it once to my goldfish, named him Goldy. Then my brother said he ate him as he came out of my room. I ran in to check and he was fine.

The next day I woke up and he was dead.

My brother totally killed my fish.
I don’t care what you say.

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Jackson Hotwater McFellswim

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I have a tortoise named Tortoise. Initially we called him Kurma, but Kurma is an avatar of Vishnu and it felt weird. So now we call him Tortoise. I don’t think he’s noticed the difference.

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Kurmasana is one of my fave poses :D

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Slad and Veder works too ;)

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AC, might this be an obsession?

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Winston Kierkegaard

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Eli Breakwater

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Kip Addotta

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Agent 6
Princess Bubblegum
Hey You!

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Stern Baggywrinkle

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Babel Fish

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Kip Bowsprit

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Lawrence Fishburne

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Rupert Von Stratworth

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Chester Coxswain

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Swedish Fish

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The Distinguished Admiral Woodsworth Cunningham

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Abe Vigoda

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Edgerton Reamus

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Tiny Carl Jung

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Gerard Greenwater Jellytrub

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Fillet O’Fish (he’s Irish, don’t you know.)

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The Impressionable Mr. Archibald Smith

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Phelonius Winntrop

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Lightly Breaded

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Teddington the Benevolent

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This is sick!

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AC, that’s a good one.

Tyrannosaurus Mollusc

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Norman Baits

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…aaaand stop following. I can’t handle the constant notifications. =[

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Norman Whaler

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The Aqua Bullet

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Nemo , Flipper, Jaws, Moby Dick

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What a bout blue

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Squirt! It’s Perfect!

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Fish finger

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How about Stanley?

@asmonet, I once had a snapping turtle named Dinner. Raised him up from a hatchling to a ten pound hunk of meanness. Then I ate him. Mmmm, he was tasty.

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B a i t

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Leviathan or Jonah?

@ AC – You have way too much time on your hands! (I do like Fiskabibble, though.)

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Marco Esquandolis

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Nancy, that’s what my male shrimp’s name is, whoops..

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Oh my gosh when I read this question I almost cried. Not that you did anything but I had a blue betta for a long time but it died a week ago. I know its just a fish but we were really close. I suggest the names Coral, Marble, Sapphire, Alex, Ametrine, and Silver. Heres some tips.
– Always have a filter! (without one brething problems are possible!)
– Keep in plants and sea life to remind him of the ocean, and to create a strong lifestyle.
– I had a blue betta and they dont need such a big tank.
– Try and put a tank with a female next to it so that they can look at each other.

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