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Are there problems breasfeeding if you have scar tissue from a former nipple piercing?

Asked by elauren (17points) February 17th, 2009
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I think this is a good and important question for women who may one day be interested in breast feeding (which I will add, all new mothers should do for their children and themselves.)

I have no idea of the answer, but thank you for the question.

Hopefully, others will know the answer.

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I know no young mothers (who all seem to be nursing around here. There is a very popular La Leche group.) who have ever considered nipple piercing. I hope also to hear an answer. Good question. I hope that the answer is “no.” But I do wonder about the ducts that conduct the milk to the nipple being clogged. The nipple has a number of really teeny holes, and the milk can literally spray out.

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I am no expert, but before i got mine pierced and I am a guy just in case I did alot of research alot. I also have several female friends that have had them and removed them either before or during pregnancy and after as well for various reasons. Those that have had children never mentioned any issues, other then one friend who took hers out during pregnancy due to the throbbing and to her uncomfortable nature, (she had had them for years before pregnant) never mentioned there ever being an issue while breast feeding.

In Short I would say no, shouldn’t make a difference and in fact when I was researching in the Victorian ages doctors some encouraged women to have them pierced so that the nipple and surrounding area would be more accessible to the child after birth.

Like Gailcalled said there are alot of tiny holes.

Also if for some reason there was a non routine healing or something that just went abnormal after your piercing was taken out that you feel might be a concern consult with your maternity doctor at your next visit.

Hope this helped.

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According to and La Leche League, piercings should not cause problems.

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No, unless infection and its consequences led to extensive and invasive scarring.

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I had issues breastfeeding, and prior to getting pregnant I had my nipples pierced on two separate occasions.
I know women who had the same issue as me, and that was leaking a lot of milk. My right breast was pierced improperly the first time, and it made feeding impossible from that boob so I had to pump from it.
I really wish I had never gotten my nipples pierced, I think it played into the fact of my son having trouble latching.

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This is a question I’m really interested in since i have one of my nipples pierced and would definately prefer to breastfeed my babies someday… I was discussing this with some Moms at work just the other day, and one co-worker said it would not cause you not be able to breastfeed, but that milk would squirt out of three holes (natural exit-point, plus each side of piercing).. But bear in mind, i usually take what this woman says about anything with a grain of salt. and i dont know personally since I dont have any babies of my own yet (knock on wood) but i will sure let you all know when i figure it out!

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@SarahBeth It will not squirt out of the piercing hole, but it will leak out of it. It can only squirt from where the milk comes from.

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