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Top social bookmarking sites?

Asked by curiouslillady21 (33points) February 17th, 2009

If you were going to have links to 3–4 social bookmarking sites on your blog or website, what would they be? Basically looking for the 3–4 best/most popular/fastest growing social bookmarking sites out there.

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Google search yielded these three lists that I choose from because they all use quantifiable criteria for ranking (Alexa ratings, number of links, etc.)

20 Largest Social Bookmarking Sites| eBizMBA

The Big Boys of Social Bookmarking – The Top 24 Sites | 10e20

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites | Social Media Optimization

Maverick's avatar just because of that wacky URL.

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@Maverick Ha, they dropped that. It’s just now.

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Digg and Technorati

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I personally would use the Sharethis plugin, saving real estate and alowing a greater breadth of use. I use it on my blog.

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Does anyone ever actually use those buttons people put all over their blogs? I never do. I have bookmarklets and other methods of adding things to Delicious, without clicking on those links. I wonder if there is actually any data to show that it is worth it to use those, or if they just clutter up your page.

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@StellarAirman – I do – particularly if it’s ShareThis to e-mail a page to specific folk direct from the page. I’m the same with Delicious and Facebook, having in-browser tools to do this – but it’s still a useful (and small/unobtrusive) addition.

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@benseven Thanks for the idea about Share This—I think that’ll be perfect. There’s something for everyone so it would seem you’d get your stuff shared even more.

@artificialard thanks for the links—great info. i had dome some research as well but every site listed the top sites in different order so i couldn’t figure out which were “actually” the biggest. That’s why I posted here—where all the cool smart kids hang out ;-p

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I love so much <3

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@curiouslillady21 Yeah it’s a common internet affliction to do those Top # blogs. Look for actual usage data in ranking when you’re referring to lists like these for context. If possible you might also want to look at the specific demographics if you have a particular target segement in mind.

I’ve been pondering this problem too and I think I’ll do 3–4 break out icons for the ones I want people to use the most but also have the ‘Addthis’ thingie on the end so I’m covering all the bases without looking too messy.

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The number of Bookmarking sites is increasing by the day.Stumble Upon is definitely one of the best in terms of traffic.We are getting to see more local BM sites as well.

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