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Is there a town or city, (globally) with the name India? Besides the country...

Asked by redsfan1324 (184points) February 18th, 2009

It seems like a weird question, but i need it for research, and i haven’t been able to find anything. If in doubt, ask fluther! :D

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Well, I got a list of every city or principality in the world here (3 MB download). Then I made it a spreadsheet so that I could search within fields (so as not to have to dig through every city in India), and then filtered, sorted, blah blah blah. Here’s the results:

India, Gambia (549 people).

That’s it! Fascinating, huh? There were tons of “Indian-thises” and “Indiana-thats,” but only one India.

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Out of curiousity, what is the nature of the research?

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Probably homework ;)

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Honestly, if it is homework unless the assignment is to better acquaint yourself with the Internet, that’s a bit strange for a question.

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Yeah, it didn’t strike me as a homework question. I was actually wondering if a more general question wouldn’t make a great question “What cities in other places are named for countries?”. SC has a Norway But I suppose @tonedef‘s spreadsheet could answer that.

I was just curious to know what prompted this question. (No attempt to be snarky at all).

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I learn so much here…

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@Grisson Ha, it’s actually for NCFCA ( team policy debate, which the resolution is “Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should significantly change its policy towards India.”

Naturally, everyone takes this as The Republic of India. But with tonedef’s AMAZING answer, this should be a nice curve ball. :D

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@redsfan1324 Awesome! Go for it!

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@redsfan1324, you should take a less dishonest perspective if you want to argue this more effectively.

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well, it’s not dishonest.

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I think that drawing focus away from the intended discussion to another, wholly unrelated issue is intellectually dishonest. At the very least, the judges will take a very dim view of your performance.

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Well, “Intended discussion” is a very dangerous term. If we allow for assumptions to be made about the actual resolution, the need for evidence to prove anything is completely null.

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There are some assumptions you can make. Defining “India” as the country of India is one of them.

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