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Is anyone else bothered by commercials for televisions purporting to show how great the competition's screens are through your own television screen?

Asked by gnylen (4points) February 18th, 2009

How stupid do they think we are, anyway?

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Pretty stupid, I guess.

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I’m bothered by all commercials. Hence, I don’t watch television, and I don’t pay for cable. I’ll watch TV via online streaming (Canada doesn’t have a nice Hulu-style website, so I’ll bittorrent stuff as well) or renting/buying any boxed sets that I deem worthy of watching. That way I avoid a lot of the crap that is called television nowadays.

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I’m not so much bothered by one certain commerical as opposed to how much I hate being inundated with all commercials put together. I understand we’re a capitalist society and advertising is a large part of product sales and business services but I think their frequency is ridiculous.

As for the prices they pay to advertise? I heard that 30 second commericals slots during this year’s Superbowl were going for 3 million dollars a piece. Wow.

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It is pretty ridiculous. Showing me how great HD is, through my non-HD television. Pfft.

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