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What are you doing for Spring Break?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) February 19th, 2009

Im going to CoCo Beach :)
Let me know whats good tho!

or maybe some old spring break memories? :)

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Laundry, mothers don’t get spring break! sigh

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Hampton, VA
3 nights of PHISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I went to Coco Beach for spring break once. All I did was read though. Sorry I don’t have any tips for you.

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Old memories of spring break in Tijuana with three of my friends.

It would have been fun if I hadn’t lost my drivers license that would have allowed me to enter the bars.

It would have been fun if my friends hadn’t left me outside the bar that I couldn’t get in to because of that lost id, for two hours!

It would have been fun if that local kid hadn’t stolen all of my cash out of my hand when he tried to sell something to me.

It would have been fun if I hadn’t spent the next 2 hours at the police station waiting for that kids mom, to get my money back.

Don’t go to Tijuana

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My first year of college I went to NYC and got drunk for a week with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.
My second year of college I did Cancun with 4 friends.
My third year of college I did Europe for a week.
This year…i’m sleeping on my dad’s couch, watching TONS of tv, and eating home cooked meals..I can’t believe it took me 4 years to realize that that is the best kind of vacation one can ask for in the middle of a semester!

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If I could afford to spend spring break in Europe, I wouldn’t be sitting on the damn couch.

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Las Vegas is fun for spring break. Nice weather that time of year too.

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My favorite trip was Cancun.

No more for me! It’s been a long time since college days!

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Florida last year was pretty ballin.

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Going to Europe for the first time ever. London and Edinburgh! :) I’ve never gone anywhere but home for break, but it’s my last year as an undergraduate, so I figured I’d take a real vacation this time. It’s likely to be my last vacation for a while!

(Never realized before writing it down that it’s the opposite of you, adreamofautumn – how very ironic.)

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I went to NYC last year it was a blast!

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Yard work, then laundry, then feeding people, then housework. Rinse and repeat.

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Tomorrow I will be shoveling snow, again, before the next snow fall falls, on Sat.

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Santa Cruz!

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Homework. There’s a reason I don’t have a girlfriend.

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@Jayne :( i know how it is.

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WOOHOO…Spring Break in the laundry room!

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Spring Break? Not since 19 noneofyourbusiness !

Maybe I’ll have one this year anyway, why not?

Ft. Lauderdale, here I come (because I have friends there)!

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@tennesseejac I should remove your comment simply for rubbing my nose in it!

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@shilolo Sorry dude…
but I got denied through ticketmaster along with the million other people, so I had to pay a pretty penny to get my tix and I have no doubt that it will be worth it!! Hopefully you got some tix for the summer tour. If not, bring it down to Bonnaroo!!

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@tennesseejac Nope. No summer tour for me. I live on the West Coast, and there are no dates any where near me. My brother and I got shut out of the VA shows, or I would definitely have come out for an awesome weekend.

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@shilolo they will not leave out the west coast (at least not Colorado/ Vegas), you guys might luck out and get a sweet Halloween show!!

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@gailcalled ~ I would love to help you! sadly, we have only gotten 5” so far this winter here in western MD

I’m considering my spring break getting back on my bicycle.
No serious rides since late Sept. 08—can’t wait!!

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ummmmmmmm what’s Spring Break? can it be fixed? My cat was fixed and I didn’t even know she was broke.

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thankfully, i still get spring break, as i am a teacher – and i don’t know what i’d do w/o it! (i don’t know how people who work year-round do it!) nothing special this year, no trips or anything. just a chance to get some badly-needed spring cleaning done around my house. definitely not exciting, but i will feel good to get it done! (and a week and a half away from school won’t be bad, either…)

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Working :(

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spring break?
oh. you mean that week that i stay home doing nothing but ridiculous amounts of homework that end up taking more hours than just going to school the whole week would have taken.
i see.

i doubt i’ll be doing anything special.

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Spring break? What is this practice you speak of?

Actually I will be entertaining my husband’s 16 year old cousin and changing diapers as usual.

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OK I found out what Spring Break is and all I can say is that I will be avoiding like the plague all the places the Spring Breakers go! I think I’ll go to Chattanooga and watch the Pear Trees bloom! OK so I am way uncool.

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@SherlockPoems – Chattanooga rocks! I have definitely been on spring break there! Don’t miss the Hunter Museum, or the awesome coffee shops, art galleries, and used book stores around it. It’s spectacular. Really. You’ll love it!

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I don’t get why there are spring breaks for college students and especially why they feel the need to head to the beach to blow off steam. When we had a break in college we went on active duty for two weeks then went back to school.

I think that most kids should not start higher education immediatly after high school. I think there should be a year or two of public service either in the military or Red Cross, or Peace Corps. They need to mature enough before they start their further academic career.

The whole spring break is just another over-indulgent American waste.

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