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Does anyone know where I can get good deals on Florida/Orlando vacations?

Asked by westy81585 (4311points) December 20th, 2009

Looking to go this May with my girlfriend. I know there are a million different agencies and sites all with their own packages, and I’m trying to find a good one. Ideally we would probably go down to one of the Atlantic side beaches for a day or two, then go to Orlando for 5–6 days (so the beach part I don’t need any help with, as that would just be a hotel). We’d be driving down so plane tickets are not needed.

While there I’d like to visit at least 3 of the Disney parks, probably one water park, one of the Universal parks, and maybe some of the smaller side attractions. Extra points if you know deals with meals or what not included. Also open to all manner of suggestion on what to do.

My father lives in Orlando so I’ve been many times, and have seen a lot of stuff. He will also be helping I’m sure, but thus far hasn’t been very helpful. Thanks for any help.

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Your best bet might be AAA if you’re a member or a local travel agent.

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Check out orlandos chamber of commerce. I use to work for one and they usually have a long list of pamplets and coupons and list of deals that are given to them from local businesses and parks and recreation and hotels.
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is a fun evening with food and horse and jolsting. (not you just the show) Its in Kissimee near Orlando.
And they have great drinks and pictures you can take with your honey. Its a bit expensive but very fun.
check out this site

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At the risk of having to incur an interminable sales pitch (and far too often, far too effective), you might check into timeshare rentals. That is, rentals from people who have unwisely bought into them and now can’t unload them or use them (for whatever reason). I think I used to know of a link to that market; it shouldn’t be hard to google.

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Look at the ads in the travel section of the New York Times, There are often great Disney packages from companies like Liberty Travel.

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Look at They have some great packages.

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@Pandora Yah I went to MT with my father some years back, I enjoyed it so it’s on the possible to do list. I hadn’t thought of checking out the chamber of commerce there though, thanks.

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@westy81585 Your welcome. Leave some dates open. Lots of times they get ticket deals at the last minute that will save you money. Have Fun and careful driving. They drive like escape nut cases from a sanitarium.

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