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What are you supposed to wear to a funeral?

Asked by shockvalue (5797points) February 20th, 2009

I may have a suit jacket. but that’s the fanciest thing I own…

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Sorry about your loss- the suit jacket would be appropriate in our laid-back area of California.

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@Johnny_Rambo I think Alex would have preferred a smile…

but a frown is certainly coming along.

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my mom wants to be buried naked.

idk, some hippy thing.

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Suit jacket should be fine. I’m guessing that something nice (suit jacket, dress or skirt for a woman) would be respectful, unless it’s like a theme funeral…

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Wearing the best that you’ve got will honor the deceased.

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Anything but a casket.

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Sorry for your loss
Just go. What youveear is not important.
(unless you are my neice who wore a red leather bustier and carried a red leather whip to her sister’s wedding, cause then I would be counseling you on what is appropriate attire)

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nothing flashy, Ive seen women show up in mini skirts and low cut tops, or men in jeans and a t shirt. I find it disrespectful. I usually stick with the old school black clothing route.

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Going along with what most people have mentioned, as long as you are there, everything should be fine. Do you have a button up top and some khakis? That would be appropriate.

Again, sorry for your loss.

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Simple. Grey, Black, or Navy.

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The jacket and a tie will be fine.

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I’ve gone in jeans and a dress shirt. I don’t think it matters very much, being there is far more important.

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Something conservative, reserved and invisible. Pete’s got it exactly. No one will be looking at you (unless you dress like the guy who spoke at the last funeral I attended. He was the deceased’s first cousin and showed up in camouflage gear. That was a BAD idea.)

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@gailcalled Wow, I’m surprised anyone could see him!

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Suit jacket, slacks, shirt with a collar, a tie if you have it, shoes, socks. That should do it. If you have or more of any particular item of clothing, then go with the darkest colored one.

An exception for us was when a friend of my daughter’s died at 19 of lymphoma, everyone at the funeral wore a t-shirt he had designed before his death that featured his “motto.” The motto was one that was ever so slightly risque and was a play on his last name, but it summed up his personality perfectly and it was what he wanted.

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I am so sorry for your loss. But I think that your suit jacket will be fine. It will be a sad time so you wont need to overdress. Again I am sooo sorry for your loss and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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@Darwin my daughters cheerleading coach was murdered by her husband a few days before Christmas. He then killed himself. Their daughter was a cheerleader too. The girls all wore their warmup suits and competition ribbons to the wake and funeral. It was such a sign of support for the daughter. I’m crying just thinking about it now.

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@elijahsuicide – I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s loss. I feel very strongly that funerals should reflect the person being remembered so the choice of warm up suits was precisely what was needed, just as Matt’s t-shirt design was for his ceremony.

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A suit jacket is great, I’ve seen jeans and t-shirts, but I wouldn’t call them appropriate unless it was a particular situation. I prefer to go with darker colors, rather than brighter colors, usually a funeral is somber and I think our clothing should reflect that. We were just at a funeral the other day and my husband was debating about wearing his suit jacket and he chose to and told me he was glad he went the more conservative route even if others weren’t as dressed as he, it was a respect issue. So sorry for your loss.

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What did the person that passed on enjoy? You could get together with his/her family and friends and you could talk about it then you could all decide on what to wear. That`s just a suggestion. But I understand because last December I lost my 103 year old great great grandma then this past june I lost my great grandma then the day after my niece was born this month my great grandpa died. Deepest sympathy for you and your family.

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Sorry for your loss. Just dress as conservatively as you can. Your presence there is more important than what you wear, unless of course you wear something crazy! Just be neat, clean and show your respects, and you’ll do fine.

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Something clean, tidy and respectable. You don’t need to be fancy, just present yourself in a manner appropriate to the occasion. I’d avoid jeans if possible. I’d say a tie is optional.
Sorry for your loss.

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I didnt know you lost someone. Thought it was a general question. I guess you should wear something clean and tucked in for the occasion. Sorry for your loss, amigo , but sooner or later it will be our turn.

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Wear what you feel comfortable in.

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Clothes would be nice

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I have nothing to add about clothing suggestions, but I am sorry for your loss.

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I always what I am most comfortable in and is respectable, usually nice pants and a shirt. I of course go to offer comfort to the family who has lost someone, and if I am unfortunate enough to have it be a member of my family, I wear black. I go to pay respects to people I know, because that is the right thing to do. If people are going to judge me on my clothing, I will still go, because I know the deceased person is beyond caring what I wear to the visitation.

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Attire at a funeral is all about respect for the family.
And, skip the dark or mirrored sunglasses – it is OK to look sad. You just don’t want to look like a Secret Service agent.

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Unfortunatly I will be wearing my black suit this week when my grandma passes away. I am so angry right now because my mom called Hospis to make her death painless. I will attend her funeral for her but not for my mom who in my opinion is a murder. How can this be legal? They are like crimp reapers within a week you are dead. Morphine and no maintence meds….I hate so bad. God help me please!

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@gooch: very sorry for your loss.

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@gooch I know how you’re feeling right now. I’m sorry. They say the pain will subside, hopefully so will the anger. Life it too short to hate the ones we love. Take care.

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@Meathooks24 thats totally disrespectful, you probably don’t know what this person is going through. If someone close to me died and I was worried about what to wear I would not appreciate your comment at all, quite frankly your comment sounds like one of a arrogant, ignorant pig. What do you think funerals are a joke? wow..
Anyways, you should wear a black suit. You might want to go out and buy something, Im sure it will come in handy. Sorry for your loss, please accept my condolances.

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Go out and buy a gray sweater with a white v-neck under it and black skinny jeans( no criticism needed ) And sorry for your loss : (

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Wear a black tinted Sunglasses
go here if you want some diff. style of sunglasses

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