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Did you ever get caught in the act? By whom?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) February 21st, 2009

So? Tell! How’d it happen? What’s the scene?

I’ll tell you mine if you’ll tell me yours.

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My dog….

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A cop.

We were parked at an abandoned house.

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@chelseababyy: what did the cop say? How’d he handle it?

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Same story as in the work thread… I was hooking up with a coworker in his car, which we had parked a few blocks from work. Two friends who worked at the restaurant next door, one of which had previously worked with the two of us, walked by, saw what was going on, but did not alert us to their presence, and told a few select people, who let it get all around the restaurant. Classy.

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I’ve never been caught before, but I thought I would get busted a few times.
I went home with this guy and we were in his room. His roommates (4 other guys) weren’t there and he wasn’t expecting them back for a few days. They didn’t show up, but one of their girlfriends did. She walked around the house like a million times then watched a bit of TV and made herself at home. We kept at it and then fell asleep and when we woke up she was gone.

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He asked if we knew that we were trespassing, which we didn’t because it was dark and didn’t see the “Private Property” sign. He asked us for i.d’s, we gave them to him, I was 17, the guy was 19 at the time and he asked if whatever we were doing I consented to. I said yes. He said if we left right away, he would let us go with a warning. So we did! I was like trying to cover myself with a t-shirt the whole time. Now that I think back. It’s all lols.

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Let me begin by saying cecildoodlebop if you are reading this answer stop right this minute!!

I was seventeen years old. I was housesitting for a colleague of my father’s, staying at their house while they were on vacation. The guy I was dating at the time stayed with me one night. At this point in my life I was just beginning to question my faith and trying to figure out what I believe, and it just so happened the morning after he spent the night I had an appointment with a priest to ask some of my questions. I was sitting in the priest’s office asking questions very earnestly and trying to understand Catholicism and where it fit into my life. About ten minutes into the conversation there was a knock on the door. The priest opened it and it was my father. Apparently my boyfriend’s mother had called him very concerned about the fact that her son had been out all night and his car had been spotted at the house where I was staying. My father grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out of that priest’s office before you could say penance.

I was also caught by police twice “parked” with boyfriends. Both times the cop drove me home and I never saw the guy again.

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It was a hot night so the windows were open. We were married about a year and a half with no children left so we were pretty ‘active. As soon as we achieved our goal, there was a knock on the front door, about 20 feet from our window. It was my brother just in from VN, with his girlfriend and several siblings, I don’t know if we were ‘caught’ because nobody ever said anything but if not we had great timing.

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My boyfriend at the time and I were totally macking in my Buick when we got caught by a peeping Tom. He was crouched down beside the car wearing a ski mask. I looked up from… what I was doing, and was face to face with a masked man. Scariest thing ever.

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@ubersiren WTF. I would have flipped the fuck outtttt.

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Her sister. We were in her basement, both in highschool so it’s not like we had our own place to go to. Her sister did nothing more than laugh and carry on with what she was doing. Didn’t even have the decency to leave the room and give us a minute to recompose ourselves.

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I was home from college my Freshman year (1990) for Christmas break, and I had a new friend. We went looking around for somewhere to be alone and we ended up in a nice, big, fairly secluded park. Mind you, it was wintertime and snow was all around.

My new friend and I had hopped into the back of my huge old Oldsmobile to…kiss. And we were kissing in a very steamy manner when a large vehicle pulled up behind my car. I was young and nervous (“Oh no! What’s that?”) and he was older and experienced (“Just more people coming here to…kiss. It’s ok, relax!”). Then, after a few minutes, I hear, from a bullhorn…


Because we weren’t wearing so very much, I wrapped myself in a red and white flowery blanket that I had in the back of the car. The cops asked me what I was doing there (duh) and then told me to move along.

I stepped out into the snow in my bare feet wrapped in this comforter and ended up closing part of it in the door. My heart was racing a million miles a minute – are they going to arrest or ticket me? Are they going to call my family? Is this going to go on my PERMANENT RECORD? I started the car and drove out of the park, followed by Officer Friendly, who was probably laughing his badge off. My friend was adjusting and zippering and putting himself back together.

After we pulled out of the park, the cops turned and left and it was starting to get dark, so we found a not-busy street in a residential area (ick) and I was able to unwrap the blanket and put on real clothes again. It was freezing!

While I don’t care to repeat this performance ever, ever again, when I look back in life I am glad that I was a bit wild and took some chances. I feel like I’ve done some living, and I don’t have regrets about wasting my youth. Nowadays, I think it would even be fun to try this with my husband – hopefully without the participation of The Law. Although when they see that we’re old marrieds, I bet they’d laugh and say “Carry on! That’s the spirit!” :D

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Oh, I did flip out, chelseababy. I screamed and screamed, and my boyfriend pounded on the window which scared the guy off. My apologies, I don’t know how to respond to a specific person on here yet.

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This girl and I drove around all over the place to get a bit of privacy. We’d pulled over on the side of deserted roads, secluded parking lots, you name it. This time, we thought we’d hit the jackpot. There was this road around the stadium at the Uni, and no one went on it, so we thought, after dark. I’ll bet that a lot of people had had our idea in the past.

So it was her car: some boxy second hand volvo wagon. Must have been getting on in fall, because after we had been going at it for a bit, the windows were pretty steamed up. Not steamed up enough though. Or maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. No one was supposed to be there, where we had pulled off into a secluded (we thought) place by the road.

The first thing we notice is this searchlight shining through the car. We realize we’ve been caught. We hurriedly start struggling into our clothes. She was kind of pissed because she’d just put the birth control in.

The cop must have been a pro at this, because he gives us just enough time, and then tells us to step out the car. He asks her that question, “Are you all right, ma’am?” She says she’s ok. “Did you know you aren’t allowed to park here?” “No,” I said. “Well, get on your way.”

We were so bummed. I don’t know if we even found somewhere to do it after. I think we just gave up, in disgust.

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@ubersiren it’s okay. Just type the @ sign, and usually a little thingy will pop up with all the people in this threads user names, and if not just type their username right after the @ sign.

And jeeeeze. I would have done the same. That is just creeper-stalker status. Never cool. Never.

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@ubersiren, glad I could be of assistance :)

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We were in a parked car at what we thought was a dead zone…next thing we knew a school bus pulled up along side his car and asked if we were having car problems. Luckily, weren’t doing anything nasty…yet. But still.

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I’ve been caught by roomies, landlords, mothers, fathers, and probably one or more of the mods here. I just can’t keep my hands out of the coochy jar.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous: “Coochy jar” = my new favorite phrase.

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very high praise coming from the chick who coined lolerskates and rotflolcopters

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Twice: Once by my mother. The boy was so mortified, he wouldn’t come out of my room. She went in and talked him out. Awkward.

The other time, a guy and I went out for a walk on a summer night. We ended up on a small hill behind the local elementary school. While he was, um, tending to my nether regions with his, um, smiling apparatus, a car suddenly came around the corner of the school. This car was driving on the grass, at a very high rate of speed – straight towards us! We thought it was some psycho maniac, out to run us down. Turned out to be a security guard. As soon as he determined we were harmless, he left us to resume our business. By then, the mood was pretty well ruined.

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Yes. But these stories are amusing enough to spare you all the preacher’s secrets.

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@cdwccrn But preacher’s secrets are divine! :)

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What I was doing was, too:)

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There is nothing like having a four year old walk into your room around midnight and say “what are you doing”?

The one and only time this happened was during my wife’s eighth month of pregnancy with the next child and you can use your imagination to envision a position when your wife’s abdomen is seriously extended. (He was a big baby).


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Some close calls never been personally caught.

I happen to be the one usually who runs into or does the catching :-/. I don’t mean to it just happens except for the little blurb below that was on purpose.

The best was when it was my ex and my friend. If anyone wants to hear that.

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@KingMalefic: raises hand I’ll take a listen for sure.

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Senior year of college my friend I had know for 8 years call him R and my Ex J.

The setup, to explain my friend R and I’s relationship I called him up and asked if I could spend 2 to 3 days..3 months under my breath at his place. He said yes, yes I was the guy on his couch for 6 months diff story though So I am asshole to him normally for some reason.

My Ex and I messed up relationship to begin with broke up with me a month earlier, before this night. So pent up residual passive aggression.

I got a call from J out of the blue saying she was down somethings had happened and some guy she was kinda seeing had broken it off sob story. For some reason I ended up picking her up and taking her back to R’s place where I was staying. Try and cheer her up I don’t know what I was thinking oh well. We had a few drinks and R comes home he joins in… Fast forward to later in the evening I am on the side lines thinking crap they are having fun excluding me I know whats going to happen.

Nights winding down I start heading to my couch and they start heading to his room 8 feet from my couch I am like oh hell no.

So I pull her to the side and tell her look please don’t fuck him…haha sleep on the other couch lets call it a night. Yeah that didn’t happen. But she promises she won’t screw him…

How ever much time had passed I don’t know I am a little tipsy I start hearing noises, and I scream out to R’s room “Can you stop fucking, I am trying to sleep!”, I don’t think they heard me and I then realized the full situation again, and was like fuck it they aren’t gonna not do it unless I…

So I stood up walked 8ft over to his room Turned the door and flew it open hard. And reiterated “Stop fucking I am trying to sleep! And Damn it J I told you would”

Then I saw horror and disbelief as the moon light had hit my friend R’s ass, as they where completely naked him on top with his eyes whiter then a deer in headlights looking at me going “Huh” and she the same. Then I gave them an angry face and closed the door.

I heard no more noises that night.

They told me the next day they spent the next 5 mins after I closed the door going did that really fucking happen did he really… well…so umm yeah. Then went to sleep.

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Perhaps I should have Condensed it rather then expanding. oh well.

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Damn. That’s intense.

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Her dad walked right in on us on our very first (and last) attempt. We were both… ermmm… quite young really and certainly younger than the age a dad wants to walk in on his daughter having sex with someone. Obviously dads never really want to do that but I imagine the look of horror on his face would have been no more prominent if had been standing over her brandishing a blood stained knife.

I’ll never forget the conversation in the hallway with her dad as he explained to me he understood why I would want to and the forces driving me, as he had been a young lad himself once upon a time… before forbidding me from seeing her again. I didn’t need telling twice as I certainly couldn’t stomach meeting her parents again.

At least he didn’t beat the shit out of me tho eh!

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My Dad delayed the inevitable, too. I had just turned 19 and on mt own for less than a year. I had been seeing a HS friend for a couple of months and I decided it was about time. Stockings off and dress zipper halfway down, KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK.

It was my Dad with a bag. My bipolar mom had thrown him out again. Bye friend. When he called a few days later I told him that Dad and two of my brothers were living with me and that was that.

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I’ve been the catcher, but not the caught-ee.

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Caught-ee rhymes with naughty.

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Hahah, that made me laugh.
But ahem, are you insinuating something?

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Not sure if this counts…
but, while dating an ex, we were having sex on the living room walks his father! We had the blanket over us, and my back was to the guy. His dad didn’t say anything about it, and I’m pretty sure he held a conversation with his son then left the room.

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