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Why is a genetic disorder not considered a disease?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) February 22nd, 2009

My friend Lizzie and I were having a discussion about it, trying to find out why.

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AFAIK, A disease is aquired; you are not born with it.

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At the risk of getting into a discussion on semantics a disease is a process that impairs normal function effecting quality of life. A genetic condition could be the cause of disease but only once the symptoms actually start effecting the individual.

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^Health professionals know best. GA.

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What about Sickle Cell Anemia, guys???

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Sickle cells are the defect, anemia is the disease.

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@Eambos , you’re right! In fact, look what it says in Wiki:

The term “disease” is applied since the inherited abnormality [sickle cells] causes a pathological condition [anemia] that can lead to death and severe complications.

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Kevin McCallister’s genetic disorder was considered a “disease”

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Huntington’s is a genetic disorder but it is referred to as Huntington’s disease??

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Huntington’s chorea is the disease is the disease caused byseveral trinucleotide repeat in the the huntingtin gene which codes for Huntingtin protein. Disorder and disease are technically different its just confusing because George Huntington wasn’t too orginal in naming stuff.

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It depends what kind of genetic disorder it is, for example if proteins aren’t responding to your body well it would be a disease, but if you getting tumors on the end of your nerves it’s just a disorder. Like Alzheimers, is a genetic disease(both)

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