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What are Canada's, UK's and some other countries' version of Center for Disease Control?

Asked by flo (12962points) 1 month ago

Is there a website that lists them?
By the way I went:
I see there is an s (Center*s*) in USA’s, isn’t it one organization, and shouldn’t “usa” be in the url?

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Because .gov is for the USA.

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In the UK, it appears to be Public Heath England

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For the UK it’s Public Health England, Public Health Scotland, Public Health Wales and HSC Public Health Agency (for Northern Ireland).

There is no guarantee that any of the advice issued by these agencies will match advice from one of the other agencies.

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Thank you.

I went to the website @ragingloli, to find out what country it’s for. Germany?

Is there a website for the list of the other countries?

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