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Humidifier suggestions?

Asked by andrew (16380points) October 14th, 2007

Our humidifier broke. What’s a good brand/model for a replacement? Any suggestions?

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I don’t know about brands, but I have an ultrasonic humidifier that I LOVE. Ultrasonic is so much better than the old styles.

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I’m partial to the pot of water on the woodburning stove, but that’s probably not practical for you. . .

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I would recommend the Venta Airwasher . It not only is probably the best Humidifier on the market, but it also is an air washer and purifier.

What I like about it is 1) It requires no filters or pads to operate 2) it uses Cold evaporation to humidify and clean the air at the same time. No more having all your furniture, clothes, etc all damp/wet like traditional humidifiers. And comes in a variety of sizes. I bought one for my wife and we use it in our bedroom at night during the winter for extra humidity and in the summer to purify the air of allergens. Its quiet enough to run at night without keeping you awake. Highly recommend and worth the price.


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How about the issues of scale and bacteria – I have hard water and use a Vicks humidifier. I have to rinse out water and dry all parts every day; once a week clean w. vinegar and bleach…a huge PITA. And it is a replaceable filter to trap something called white dust. I will check out the Venta. Thanks

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