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Marriage to foreign national?

Asked by peggysue422 (1points) February 23rd, 2009

My fiancee is a British citizen and I am a US citizen. We wish to marry but he is having a problem obtaining a visa. K-1 fiancee visa would not work because we have not met in person. We want to go to Barbados and marry. Can he then come back to the US with me and begin the process of obtaining a green card or must he return to England while I do the paperwork and after approval come over. We are not just doing this for him to come to US. We are in love and plan to spend the rest of our lives together!

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You’re engaged to someone you’ve never met?!?

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Ugh. This just screams “Bad News Bears” all over it. I don’t have an answer to you question, but I’m willing to bet that many people on this humble website will have issues with you having never met him, just beware. Have you at least talked to him on the phone?

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For matters of such importance in your life, you should consult with a professional who deals with such issues. An immigration lawyer can answer your question better than any internet person can, and can also facilitate taking those next steps. Please seek out professional council.

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You probably ought to take steps to meet the guy somewhere safe. One would hate to read about you on the front page of the Barbados Gazette.

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@Supergirl might know if she’s still around.

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Perhaps it would be wise for you to take a trip to England, or for him to take a trip here, and meet in person before committing to marriage? That would also make it easier to get the fiancé visa.

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Go to the UK unannounced.
Think of this as an adventure- surprise him.
He will be thrilled to see you on his doorstep.

In order to make a big decision like this you need to see where he lives. How he lives. Who he lives with.

Travel to the UK- spend some time with him and marry him there. Then getting a visa for him will be less complicated.

You can always renew your vows in the islands.

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@Dog Great idea… And hilarious, by the way. I’m thinking this could be movie material.

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Andie McDowell in Green Card. Cute movie.

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