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Do you SAY lol, omg, brb, etc. out loud when you use them?

Asked by toomuchcoffee911 (6928points) February 23rd, 2009

I think it’s kind of… I’m sorry, it’s just dumb.

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No, and I’m seriously glad I don’t!

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No, but I sometimes add XML tags to my speech.

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no, and i hate it when people do that!
abbreviations are dumb, period.

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I only say them out loud jokingly and with the most irony possible, and only to friends face to face. I don’t generally say them out loud when I use them on the computer though. Then again I also don’t use them often anyway. I prefer words over abbreviations, true sentiment instead of canned expressions.

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I admit it… I do LOL. But not when physically speaking!

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i speak in a series of clicks and whistles, so not really.

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. o O ( <translate filter=‘OMGWTFBBQ’>beep boop pbbfftt..!</translate>)

Oh… did I mention occasionally speaking in ASCII-ART?

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you already know of my love for ascii-art speech

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No but I have a friend who speaks in World of Warcraft tags.

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@dragonflyfaith haha its good to know my bf is not the only WoW super nerd. HAHA lurve

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I knew a guy once who spoke purely in SQL.

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@eponymoushipster Hey! That’s our DBA!

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nice. Does he say stuff to chicks like “I’d like to OPEN TABLE legs and UNION”?

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His first name is “Robert’); Drop Table Users;—”
We call him Bobby Tables for short.

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Bobby Tables. What – is on The Sopranos?

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I say STFU sometimes, or lolz but only when I’m joking with people. I also say OMG it’s my BFF jill! (from the commercial) when I make fun of my kids texting.

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@A_Beaverhausen You know, I was the won that bought the game two years ago. I played it for about a month and now everyone I know is overly addicted. Every gathering turns into WoW speak. Once in a while I’ll hop on but I just don’t have that much time or interest.

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Well, I have used it once in sarcasm, but not in typical use.
(Ooooh Lol….Lofreakin’L!!!)
But im not like “Lol that was sooo funny!”

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I’ve said BFF, for sure, and I may have said ZOOhmigawd! once or twice. Sort of like a cross between LOLspeak and Valley Girl.

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ok, i admit it, i’ve said pwnd. once in the heat of passion

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@toomuchcoffee911 i know. it almost seems wrong for me to be the ravishing hunk that i am, using such language. but alas, things go on as they do.

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@Grisson Why can’t I see your avatar?

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OMG! this thread is like, toooo funny, lol! It makes me LMAO toadally fer sure. it’s freakin awesome. I’ll have to show my BFF and my bf. They will rofl!! uh oh… the phone’s ringing… brb!!

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1. It is completely dumb.
2. I do it anyway sometimes.

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Like, omg! I can’t believe I wrote won instead of 1 up there. wtf? Either this thread is melting my brain cells or I need sleep major sleep.

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God no. How lame would that sound, seriously.

Double U- Tee – Eff.

Mm no thanks.

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I type the same way I speak. If I type “lol,” I have laughed out loud. If I type “el oh el,” I’m being sarcastic/ironic.

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I don’t even use most of them in typing. Never out loud. I never use LOL, ROTFL, or OMG. I will type “brb”, “fwiw”, or “fyi”, but I would never say those out loud. I use words when speaking.

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@chyna My image cannot be captured.

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@Grisson so, you’re a vampire?!

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@eponymoushipster It would seem so. I see my picture fine, but apparently not everybody can.

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@Grisson It’s showing up now. You were a vampire for awhile. Your family will be glad to know you are back.

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@Grisson maybe you’re like Blade, half vampire half human. and all bad ass.

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I say them out loud from time to time, but its always in a sarcastic manner and i dont say the letters, i pronounce it like a word. LAWL

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@eponymoushipster I’ll have to ask Blade about that.

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