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Do you ever wish some people hadn't found Fluther?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) February 26th, 2009

..I’m a newbie so I may be stretching my Fluther-right to ask a question like this, but honestly I see some questions and answers (patterning from the same people some times) and can’t help but react like..“Really?” “Are you serious?” ”..woah the ignorance” or “I can’t even touch that question right now, or ever..”

Some questions people ask or some answers and responses just seem like wastes of space or leave no room for any kind of interesting discussion. It makes me sad a little bit.

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You can’t appreciate the good without a little bad.

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I can’t think of any other way to answer this question: Yes hahaa.
@elijahsuicide: what about the questions such as “Why won’t my car start, my parents told me it was a automatic? ” (exsageration)

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I know my wife wishes I never did.

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Put simply… Yes.

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I don’t feel that way. I don’t think this should be seen as a “club”. People are people and we like some and some we roll our eyes at.

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@PublicBlog those questions don’t really bother me, the person has an honest question and might not be able to word it properly.
I can admit that I am bothered by people who ask questions just to get others fired up, but we all have the choice of not answering them.
My point is without those few people that honestly suck, I couldn’t appreciate all the others that don’t suck :-)

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Absolutely. And I see exactly what you’re saying. I’ve had a few experiences where I’m just like “Wow.” And that’s when you don’t see me around for a week or so.

I know, and would bet that there are people on here who wish I hadn’t found Fluther.

@PublicBlog, there’s NOTHING wrong with those questions, people are asking honestly and they want to know honestly, what’s wrong with that?

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Just be thankful you didn’t have to deal with @oneye or @besafe or @allengreen (or our beloved Z). We’ve had some epic jackasses in the past who still hold league records.

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Yes, a few. But I’m a lady. I don’t name names.

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Who would want to know who doesn’t want them here?

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I kid I kid

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@chelseababyy I’m only talking 1or 2 persons. I may not want them here, but they have every right to be here.

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ya sometimes i think we have strayed from fluthers mission:

“Fluther is a collective of people sharing answers, insights, and advice. Please respect the time and energy of the people in the community.
Well-written, genuine questions provoke the best and most thoughtful answers.”

it is annoying to have to sift through a bunch of junk to get to any interesting advice and answers.

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@alive: annoying (I agree) but decent. Anyone gets a chance. I think we’ve all
seen people who were too unwieldy select themselves out (some rather slowly).

And I guess some people have been banned by the mods.

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I look at (what I consider to be) bad questions and decide it is a license to impart my glorious wit. And, if I ‘m real lucky, the dumb question will have some thing to do with frizzers, pancakes and sex.

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Oh my.. I forgot about oneye… I kinda miss my personal punching bag.

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Everyone has purpose here. For some, it’s to promote bonding between the other Flutherites.

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I can’t really think of anyone right now. But there have been some responses or questions I wish hadn’t made it onto my screen.

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I’m with @Sueanne_Tremendous. I really love some kinds of stupid questions, because it just lets me tee off and try to make fun of them. Usually I feel a bit guilty about it, so I try to tone it down, and make gentle fun. Sometimes people don’t get it, and think I’m serious. That’s kind of cool, too.

I really don’t mind spelling and grammar errors, either. Those are easy to make fun of. Or take them literally and answer the question they didn’t mean to ask. I think it’s obnoxious to correct them without making fun of them first. Then again, I may not be as kind as I should be.

Vague questions don’t phase me too much either. Again, there’s the chance for fun-making, but there’s also the chance for an interesting discussion trying to get at what the person wanted to know.

Assholes? I don’t really mind them either. So long as people know they are assholes, we can all ignore them, or make fun of them. However, some people get hurt by fits of pique from such people, and I don’t like people to be hurt.

Lately, it seems, there has been more testiness, with people taking more umbrage at various comments than I’m used to seeing around here. I don’t like people being mean. The mods do try to get rid of this, but maybe some stuff has been slipping past them. It might be time for more mods due to the growth of fluther.

I think there’s a place for less educated or less couth folks here. I believe in providing service to the community and the world. If we can educate some people, I think we’ve done the world a favor. I understand that the mods go out of their way to try to give people chances to reform. The latest person was given 20 warnings before being thrown off fluther. To my mind, he wasn’t that bad, but apparently he had really gone after a few people, and I hadn’t seen it.

So, did I answer the question? Hmmmm. Maybe not. I guess I’m being one of those people that annoy Laureth to hell. So, here goes:

No. I don’t wish some people had never found fluther. I like the diversity.

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@Triozoo, sometimes I couldn’t agree more. ;-)

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I signed up last June, had fun, left for a while, then recently returned. There are probably some who wish I had stayed gone. Who knows. Maybe I’ll leave again. I don’t think I was ever openly mean to anyone though. Sarcastic? Undeniably.

My typical Fluther experience – unlike right now – is having worked all day and then retreating to make a few comments and then sign off. I’m usually not in the mood nor do i have much time to dispense advice (like anyone would want mine), debate or write some tome (ahem… You know who you are).

So usually I just drop in for a quickie. By the way, have the founding fathers explored the feasibility of Fluther subsets like, say “Fluther Jackass” or “Fluther Junior” as a means of routing people away from the folks who desire more substantive discussion. Don’t know if that’s even possible.

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I’m cool with any fool.

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Ah I can respect all the answers I’ve received. I wasn’t trying to call anyone out on this question. Just an impulsive question after reading some prior ones I suppose. :). Definitely see where everyone is coming from. Interrrresting points of views from all angles. Haha. Thank you lovelies.

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Just myself.

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Exclusivity would seem to be counter to the mission.

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@daloon – you almost never annoy me. And I’m glad you found Fluther. :)

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dont be hatin

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@laureth: your other question—about people who go on too long without saying yes or no. I am sensitive about going on too long. I don’t usually like it when other people do, but I get so involved in what I’m thinking about that it just ends up beeing rather longer than I had intended.

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