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Have you ever played Final Fantasy IV?

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) February 27th, 2009

Ive been debating buying FF4 but have been reading reviews that say the bosses in the game are beyond nerve wracking.

Id call myself an avid RPG player but dont want to end up throwing my DS at the wall.

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Hells yeah! FFIV is the shit! Best Final Fantasy game imo, even though certain parts of the engine are broken (at least they are in the SNES version). For example, the dark status does nothing. Yeah.. wait there’s more. Magic Defense is a completely useless stat.

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I think the did a complete remake with new graphics and everything for the DS. I’d prefer the original SNES one.

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I have an SNES in my house, but i know that game would be expensive. The DS remake looks really good, just wanted more of a take on the playability, how hard it is. Not sure if anyone has played the remake.

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I believe most of you guys are thinking of english III (jap VI). Four on the DS is the one where you can change the jobs of your characters. The DS IV is technically a remake but not of any game that was released for the SNES.

I say get it. You can adjust the difficulty if it’s too hard for you.

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I had English III, you might be thinking of it backwards. III is the one that had the job system for the DS.

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So IV for the DS is a remake of what one from the SNES? I guess it’s III for the DS that I had.

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I also had III for the DS. It’s the only FF game I’ve ever played (aside from minimal amounts of kingdom hearts), and I would say go for it. Personally, I find some of those games to be too similar to each other, but it’s still a great RPG in it’s own right, and if you liked other FF games you will like IV.

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Dude, hands down my favorite Final Fantasy aside from VI… I say you owe it to yourself to get it.

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Wait… maybe I was tired when I answered this earlier. I was thinking of FFVI (III in the US), not IV.

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I think im going to get it. Trying to find it on Craigslist but might have to go to Gamestop blah.

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FFVI (III in the USA) is my favorite game of all time.

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