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Swollen lymph by collar bone?

Asked by muel (2points) February 27th, 2009

Two days ago I noticed that I have some slightly painful swelling above my right collarbone. At first I thought it was from all the snow shoveling I did but it feels like lymph nodes now. I looked around online and it appears that this is the worst place to get swelling of lymphs. Should I go to the doctor immediately or give it a week in case it is an infection that will clear. I am 28 years old and other than this feel healthy. I am scared to death it’s going to be something life threatening.

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If you have insurance, get your butt to the doctor. Pain is the body’s danger indicator. Could be nothing, but there’s no sense in waiting if you have the means to see a doctor to make sure.

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99% of the time, things like this are just a sign that your brilliant body is dealing with an issue – and therefore perfectly natural and nothing to worry about. However, regardless of this by worrying you’re likely to do yourself more harm – so for your own peace of mind just get it checked out.

To make you smile – I once went to the doctors as I had a tiny lump on my chest I was worried about. The doctor squinted, took out a magnifying glass, then told me “it’s a blackhead dear”. Yes I felt stupid – but it still put my
mind at rest. Moral of the story – even the smallest thing can worry you to death, so it’s worth getting checked out simply so you can draw a line under it and get on with your life ;D

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Could be mono! That’s how my friend found out she had it. She went to the doctor and they did a blood test. Maybe you should go in and ask.

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I hate when those lymph nodes swell! It’s so uncomfortable. I have reactive lymph nodes, so I’m used to finding various swollen lymph nodes in my body. It’s always a good thing to get checked out. I had two lymph node biopsies, to make sure it wasn’t cancer. It’s usually your body fighting something.

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I have palpable collarbone lymph nodes which (most of you know) I am obsessed with and I dont have cancer. I also like cash have reactive nodes. I have had biopsies, ct scans, and blood work. Try not to obsess like me it will make you sick.

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