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How do i install drywall on a flat ceiling?

Asked by janney05 (60points) February 27th, 2009

new insulation already in and ive never drywalled anything before.

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Rent a drywall jack from your local tool rental (professionals don’t use them, but first timers should). Get some help. Small jobs about three is good, two to put it up, and one to fetch things as needed. Change places so no one get a sore neck.

The jack will hold the drywall in place for you while you use drywall screws to secure it in place. Do not leave space between the panels, they should be flush and touching along the entire edge. Holes are easier to avoid than fix.

If you have some damaged panels, use the good ones first, save the damaged ones for cut pieces and only use the good edges. Don’t throw away any pieces until your done, you may need them.

(because you have no experience) When you have the drywall in place, move it a few inches away from the wall and make a pencil mark where the studs are, snap a chalk line (so you know where to put the screws).

Work your way along the wall before starting the second row. Cut the first sheet of the second row in half, this will stagger the seams. You do not want a four corner joint anywhere.

Do not put screws any closer than ½” from the edge on 5/8” or thicker (recommended), and no closer than 1” on ½” or thinner.

The screw heads should be just below the surface (countersunk) without tearing the paper. Place the screws about 1’ apart running down each of the studs. Don’t be surprised if it takes a long time to get the first one up. This is the base for the rest of the ceiling, and needs to be perfect.

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@DrBill:That saved me a lot of typing, good answer. May want to cover cutting. Score the frontside of the drywall sheet with a utility knife, for a smoother break score it several times. Bend the drywall away from the score to break the panel, cut the back paper on the bend. If you want a smoother edge, file it down with a shaper or coarse file.

Also, do not put a vapor barrier under the ceiling sheetrock.

Next…. are you going to mud it too?

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Thank you both for great answers, very helpful info. As far as whether or not to mud, please explain what that means and if you think it is a good idea. thanks again for the help.

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Installing the drywall is merely that, screwing the sheets to the ceiling. To finish it you may want to cover the joints and screw holes.

Mudding is the procedure of smearing a smooth finish over the cracks and holes and on the drywall for a good base for painting, the texture of the finish coat of mudding determines how smooth or how textured the finished surface will be.

Great fun if you’re up for it and not complicated with a few tips. I particularly enjoy the creative aspect of the finish coat texture, sky’s the limit.

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