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What should I eat when I'm sick?

Asked by dee6541 (57points) October 18th, 2007

I have no appetite, and my throat is pretty prickly. What can I eat that is comforting and easy to wash down?

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It’s a classic, and there’s a reason: chicken soup. Apparently there’s something in the chicken stock that can be especially healing. But really it’s about lots of liquids… and the saltiness is good too. It sounds pretty delicious to me right now.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Wow I was just thinking I’d go make myself some chicken soup because my throat’s hurting and I just don’t feel so well in general but I decided to come on Fluther first, and this is the thread I found! Gotta love irony.

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Sometimes when you’re sick it just seems that certain foods sound great to you. I would go for what your body is asking for—pay attention. If chicken soup sounds good it probably would be. It could also be carbo’s or chocolate or pickles—depending on the illness.

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I reread your question, and would add some tea with honey and lemon for a sore throat.

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Okay, she was an alcoholic, but my ma used to make me a good drink very like the above, and it was VERY SOOTHING: a glass of whiskey, lemon juice, honey, and very
hot water. For one thing, it kind of puts you to sleep, which helps you rest, therefore helps you heal. You should drink this in tandem with chicken soup. Chicken soup is the universal answer. This, as Gail would say, is a Law.

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Our pediatrician recommends chicken soup, but he also recommends that you don’t just microwave a bowl of soup, but rather put a big pot of chicken soup on the stove to simmer all day, adding water as necessary, and eating the hot soup throughout the day. He says the soup vapors also help out. It does seem to work.

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I’m with susanc on this. Hot Toddy all the way. Lime juice works too, but a good whiskey with the sour and honey is so great. When I was a kid my parents got me ginger snaps and ginger ale. The ginger is supposed to be good for you, but I always thought it was a little weird.

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I’ve read alot about how there’s nothing particularly special about chicken soup, except for the fact that its mostly liquids (which you need alot of while sick), salty (which helps dehydrate), and warm.

There’s no real magical property besides the basics of those three things. So you can really have anything that meets those. Honestly, you really don’t NEED to eat anything if you don’t feel like it. Calories are not your body’s priority while sick, its fluids it wants. So if you don’t feel like eating, don’t. But please, drink, drink, drink.

This is all with the exception of a drawn out cold/sore throat thats going on for a long time.

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For sore throats, there is ice cream or sherbert..and do you have someone nearby who can make real chicken soup, with a real chicken? Otherwise, being ill and standing over a hot stove is not a good combo.

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thanks for all the fantastic responses. and i just thought of another: apple sauce, maybe even warm. also, i’ve found warm grapenuts (cereal) to be really comforting.

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Doesn’t swallowing grapenuts (even warmed) feel like eating steel wool, if your throat hurts? Yogurt and maple syrup?

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Numerous medical studies have confirmed the beneficial properties of both garlic and ginger. Check the internet for recipies for homemade ginger ale, which is both soothing, a natural antibiotic, and yummy besides.

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Cook some rice and drink the water you simmered it in. Very soothing to the tummy and nutricious.

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you can“t beat a homemade chicken broth(and when your throat feels better, make it a hearty chicken soup) Go with the hormone free, yard raised chicken if you really want true health benefits.

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Do you lile BigMac, so, I think that you donĀ“t know what to eat, is because you do no have time to create a great dinner for example, so, bigmac!

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A warm muffin will make your stomach feel good if you have a fever and cold. If you dont like muffins then a bagel with no cream cheese or plain dry toast will make you feel good-but will NOT solve your sickness. These will only make you feel good. Also if you take a shower with ANY sickness it will make you feel good!!!!


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Rice, crackers, muffin, toast, and chicken soup have worked for me

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I highly recommend kfc popcorn chicken and potato waffles! Lots of salt and vinegar!!

I’ve been really sick today and that worked a treat!

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i would highly recommend soup or broth for stomach problems. for sore throats , something soft and non-acidic like mashed potatoes. also for the stomach flu, something bland.

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