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Is there a reason why eating cheese and apple together might make you feel rather sick?

Asked by nebule (16452points) January 30th, 2009

a chemical reason perhaps?

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Absurd! Does no one eat apple pie with a slice of melted cheddar cheese?

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lol… um..nope

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but a nice bit of leerdammer and fresh apple is quite…refreshing…until you feel sick after obviously…

it’s something my mum has eaten for years and with me trying to eat more fruit, i thought i would try it and spice it up a little… although i’m thinking now that stuffed apple with raisins and cinnamon would have been a better option!!

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@lynneblundell: Do you normally eat cheese/dairy? Maybe it was too much on an empty stomach or maybe you have some lactose intolerance. I am lactose intolerant and not all cheeses bother me, but any dairy on an empty stomach make me rather ill. which just made me think of a question I’ve been meaning to ask

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apple and cheese are fine together, as long as they are fresh. Maybe you had unusual or off cheese…

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I eat cheese with an apple a lot. It’s a great protein/fiber option. Fairly popular, as I understand. Even Starbucks has it on their “Protein Plate” overpriced food menu.

It might be the type of cheese. Typically, I have an apple with cheddar cheese (sharp/extra sharp). Nice contrast. Leerdammer might not work as well. Have you tried other cheeses?

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I’d bet your stomach is just not used to it. Eat it a few more times, see what happens. I’ve found apples and cheese aren’t particularly great on an empty stomach, but that’s me.

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@asmonet yeah, i’m a big fan of starting with whisky, then move on to the apples. does a world of good. ;)

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lol @eponymoushipster you are on form today!!!

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@lynneblundell thanks, it’s the mostly the whisky.

fyi – there is a scottish dessert called “oranges n’ whisky”, where you basically marinate oranges in whisky and sugar, then serve with whipped cream. scrumtrulescent!

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@eponymoushipster we had that on Christmas day once… or was that oranges in brandy…hmmmm

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@lynneblundell either way, fruit + booze = goodness.

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Cheese and apples are a classic combination. I didn’t like them together when I was a youngster, but I love ‘em now, from first meal to late snack. I agree, something must have been off.

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Well…..i’ve never tried it. It sounds weird though…..but i’ll try almost anything at least once.

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mmm let me know what you think! x

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